Will There Be A 'Teen Wolf' Spin-Off? Season 6 Might Only End One Story

It can be tough when you find out that your favorite show is ending, but it isn't always the worst thing, because it can sometimes mean an exciting new direction for a story that you love. Like the fact that Teen Wolf's sixth season will be its last opens up a whole new question: could there be a Teen Wolf spin-off on the horizon? In a lot of ways, it would make a ton of sense, and honestly be more respectful to the Teen Wolf storyline, since we've already lost so many of the original cast. Instead of watering it down even further, and introducing us to new characters to get invested in, maybe it's a better idea to close the chapter on Teen Wolf while it's still recognizable as itself. And before something drastic happens, like having to replace Dylan O'Brien or Tyler Posey.

This way, we can start with a clean slate and take the story in a completely different direction without feeling restricted by the original story or cast. So what's the likelihood that we could have nice little spin-off phoenix rise out of these Teen Wolf ashes? I'd say pretty good, because there's already a character who has some spin-off buzz — Marie-Jeanne Valet.

Played by Crystal Reed, who returned to the set two years after her original character, Allison Argent, was killed, Marie-Jeanne is an ancestor of the Argent clan, and the first Argent werewolf hunter. She wears a corset, kicks ass, and is just a really compelling character overall. Not only would putting her at the center of a new storyline give us a female-driven show set in a really interesting, specific era, a potential spinoff is something that's already been discussed, before production had even wrapped on "The Maid of Gévaudan," the episode where Reed made her return. As she told Entertainment Weekly :

We weren’t even finished filming and there was sort of that chat around set. When you are doing something that you know is going to be great, there’s this kind of magical energy on set. I think that I would definitely be open to something like this. It looks great; it has a great message; and it would be a challenge for me, so yeah, I would never say never and it would be something that if done the right way, with the right people, could be really exciting.

So while it's way too early to have official confirmation or anything close to it, let's all cross our fingers that A Marie-Jeanne Valet spin-off could become a reality! It would certainly make it easier to say goodbye to Teen Wolf.

Image: MTV