Celebs Are Frustrated With Trump's RNC Speech & They've Got A Simple Solution To Get Their Way

The GOP Presidential Nomination acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention left me the opposite of Donald Trump: speechless. There's no denying, no matter what your views are, that the speech was long, winded, and honestly, nothing new. It was like seeing Peter Frampton live and only hearing "Baby, I Love Your Way" over and over again for 74 minutes, and the crowd actually, thoroughly enjoying it. The whole Convention left me confused and horrified for the mere existence of a fear-mongerer like Trump, and, looking at Twitter, I certainly wasn't the only one feeling that way: Many celebrities are furious with Trump.

Celebrities took their frustrations, and a few (emphasis on the "few") praises, to Twitter, feeling the same feelings I'm sure many Americans were feeling. Specific issues rang out, like Trump's lack of knowledge on Middle Eastern issues, his plans (if you can call them that) to rid all crime everywhere right away, and his use of hateful rhetoric to gather votes. Whatever celebs were talking about, whether it was the specifics of the speech or the scary reality of Trump's campaign, the overarching theme of all these celeb reactions, for or against, is to get out and vote; vote like you've never voted before, and vote for what you think is right.

So here are some celebs who spoke out:

The Wise Guys (And Gals)

...Before Jon Stewart tore into the GOP and Fox News.

The Celebs Who Had No Time For Humor

The outright anger coming from these women is indicative of how a lot of women feel about Trump.

Those Who Refuse To Let Trump Represent Them

And The Most Important Celeb Tweet Of All

At the end of all this come November, you're going to vote how you're going to vote. But in the meantime, celebrities who raise their voices aren't just raising them to create a larger divide between liberal and conservative citizens. They are raising their voices to really be heard, and to tell you that your vote matters for the future of the country.