10 Life Hacks That Really Work

We all love little tricks and tips that make day-to-day tasks even just the tiniest bit easier on ourselves. That's why it's so awesome when we come across life hacks that actually work. After all, what's more frustrating than trying a new hack or tip that's supposed to make your life easier, only to discover that you wasted your time because it lead to a bigger mess than you started with or it took more effort than doing it the traditional way? While different approaches work better for different people, you can't beat first-hand experience, and having someone who's actually done one vouch for it? Let's just say that you could do a lot worse when it comes to places to seek advice.

That's a big reason I was so excited to come across this thread on AskReddit today, where Reddit users came together and discussed their favorite life hacks that actually work. With over 1,000 comments in less than 24 hours, this post is rapidly gaining steam, with Redditors posting their favorite hacks and engaging with fellow commenters on additional tips and tricks. Some of the awesome life hacks are, admittedly, about situations I haven't been in myself, but I definitely locked them away in my memory banks just in case I ever find myself in need of them. Other life hacks I actually wrote down as I was reading them, because I'm likely to try them out next time I, say, get a brain freeze — which will probably be later today, when I'm eating ice cream. (What can I say? It's hot out. We can thank the heat dome for that.)

Check out the list below for some of the great life hacks that actually work that stood out to me, and be sure to check out the full list of life hacks that really do work over at AskReddit:

1. Heat Up Your Food More Evenly

It's true: Carving out a little section in the middle of your food when you microwave it can help your food cook more evenly in the microwave, avoiding that problem when you have some sections that are mouth-burningly hot and others that are icy cold. Awesome, right?

2. Make Separating Eggs A Breeze

Anyone who spends time in the kitchen knows what a pain it can be to have to separate an egg yolk from the whites. But with a simple water bottle, you can easily extract just the yolk in a matter of seconds.

3. Pop Your Bacon In The Oven To Prevent Mess

You might love bacon, but I'm willing to bet you don't love the mess that comes with cleaning a greasy pan after you fry up your favorite breakfast meat. A lot of people suggest simply baking your bacon in the oven instead, cutting down on mess significantly.

4. An Even Easier Way To Enjoy A Cupcake

That's right: There is an even easier way to eat a cupcake. By simply removing the bottom half of your cupcake and smooshing it on top of the frosting, you suddenly have a "cupcake sandwich" that is significantly less messy to eat. I have to confess, I've been doing this one for years, and it really does work!

5. Have The Perfect Weekend Brunch Right At Home

Who doesn't love a perfectly done poached egg or two at brunch? Not only are they a healthy choice, they're pretty darn aesthetically pleasing when paired with some avocado toast and home fries (not to mention tasty). You can easily make your own poached eggs at home with a simple trick in the microwave.

6. Pack For A Vacation, Stress-Free

Pretty much everybody looks forward to going on vacation, but packing can feel stressful for anybody, no matter how organized you are. That's why using a method like rolling your clothes in your luggage can make things so much easier.

7. Where's The Gas Tank?

You know that weird feeling you get when you're driving a car that isn't your own? You know, when everything is only a tiny bit different, but it makes you feel like you're doing something you've never done before? It's the worst. But a great way to avoid awkwardly circling the gas station a million times when trying to pump gas in a car you're unfamiliar with is to look for the little arrow near the gas gauge on the dashboard. It points to the side your gas tank is on, so you'll always know which direction from which to pull up to the pump.

8. Improve Your Posture For A Healthier Body And Mind

There are a lot of reasons it's important to practice good posture, ranging from your physical health to your emotional state. That said, it's easy to get into a habit of slumping or slouching, especially if you're used to sitting for long periods of time. Simple hacks can go a long way to making better posture a habit, though.

9. For When You Need Permanent Markers To Be Not-So Permanent...

I think we can all remember the fear of going up to the white board during class and accidentally writing on the board with permanent marker (or maybe the pranksters among us remember doing that on purpose). Luckily, it appears that you can remove permanent marker from white boards with a simple hack, provided you have another marker handy. Hand sanitizer reportedly works, too.

10. Get The Burn Out Of A Bee Sting

Bee stings are super painful and can be a real beast to take care of. At least with this hack, though, you're prepared to quickly and calmly clean your wound and minimize your pain.

Be sure to check out the growing list of awesome life hacks that actually work over at AskReddit!

Image: startupstockphotos/Pexels