Colton Haynes Joins 'Scream Queens' Season 2, But Who Will He Play?

The new cast of Scream Queens is certainly filled with gorgeous guys. According to recent reports, Twilight heartthrob Taylor Lautner has joined the Scream Queens cast for Season 2, and so has everyone's favorite Fuller House Uncle, John Stamos. Now it sounds like we're getting yet another dude on deck to pal around with the Chanels — this time, at a mental institution. As Entertainment Weekly reported on Friday, Colton Haynes has joined the Scream Queens cast for Season 2, and fans of Haynes on shows like Teen Wolf and Arrow should know that he's more than capable of pulling off a role on the action-heavy series. Now the real question is, exactly who will Haynes play on Scream Queens?

His new role is shrouded in mystery, so start hedging your bets on whether he's the killer right now. Unlike Lautner and Stamos' upcoming roles, we don't yet have a name for Haynes' character. In fact, Entertainment Weekly is calling his turn on the show a "mystery role," which makes sense, considering that Scream Queens Season 1 was one twisted mystery.

However, according to the site, there is one thing we know about Haynes' turn on the series, and that's that he won't be a doctor like some of the new co-stars. Instead, Haynes will play a patient at the mental hospital, which, to me, sounds cooler in pretty much every possible way. Is Haynes' character in the institution because of a trauma? Could he be dangerous? There are so many possibilities here, and you know that Scream Queens will pick the weirdest one.


No matter what the deal is with Haynes' character on Scream Queens, it's nice to see the actor taking on a new role. In May of 2016, Haynes revealed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that he suffered from chronic anxiety and chose to take a break from his work on Arrow in order to regain his mental and physical health. Now it seems that he's ready to take on a new challenge, and fans should be excited about what Haynes has in store for Scream Queens. It should be a bloody good time.

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