Khal Drogo On 'GoT' Wasn't That Great, Guys

by Jordana Lipsitz

Sometimes, we as fans get all caught up in the "sun and stars" and "moon of my life" nonsense and forget that Khal Drogo was originally the kind of guy who Daenerys would have burned right alongside the rest of the Dothraki Khals in Season 6. I'm sorry to have to say this to you all with your nostalgia filters firmly on, but Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones was a jerk. Sure, Drogo was pretty chill with his Khaleesi towards the end of their relationship, but, overall, he was pretty much a bad hat. I think this comes pretty clear in Season 6 when she takes on the rest of the Khals, because we see the way these #brothraki warriors behave and, well, I can see Drogo joining that party pretty easily.

Before you go out and buy your engraved "Khal" and "Khaleesi" wedding rings, take a minute to think about what it really means to be a Khal. It's not just working with your beloved spouse to create the "Stallion Who Mounts the World" and occasionally going for jaunty horseback rides. No, there's blood and death, and a lot of horror for those who aren't Dothraki men. These are the reasons Drogo was the actual worst.

1. He And His Men Sold People

Daenerys is all for the Dothraki way of life and totally against the slavery of Slaver's Bay, but where does she think some of those slaves come from? Oh, and remember how he sort of bought Daenerys from her brother? Like a slave? Remember?

2. He's A Bad Role Model

I get that Drogo was just behaving like any other character in Game of Thrones. And, yet, I feel like he wasn't the best first role model of power for Daenerys Targaryen. His lust for violence and disregard for human life is something rulers shouldn't have. I can only hope his vibes didn't rub off too much on our girl, and that her more merciful advisors have helped.

3. He Sexually Assaulted Daenerys

In the Song of Ice and Fire series, their sexual relationship goes down a little differently — their first time is gentle and very sweet, but then he proceeds to relapse into all he's ever known, which is brutally taking what he wants without thinking of his lady's pleasure. Sure, eventually they reach a pretty on point sex game, but that doesn't erased all the times Drogo repeatedly sexually assaulted his wife.

4. He Died Because He Didn't Keep His Wound Clean

Mirri Maz Duur hooked Drogo up with the best surgery Westeros has to offer — stitching and weird poultices — and he couldn't get it together enough not to scratch it or rip off his bandage. He then has his Dothraki nurses pack the wound with mud and herbs. Come on, man, just listen to your doctor/witch.

5. He's Full Of Pride

He was always just a little to much for me. The way this guy talked himself up on the day-to-day was actually infuriating. Again, this is a part of Dothraki culture, but I just can't with it.

6. He Doesn't Seem Like A Great Leader

Remember how quick the Dothraki were to turn on Dany when Drogo died, and the only way she could get their attention was to set herself on fire? That's probably because Drogo's men were really annoyed that Drogo had been following the whims of this woman without actually explaining to them her importance. Or communicating with them at all besides the age-old "if you disagree with me, I kill you."

7. He Really Enjoys The Kill

From the passionate expressions on his (totally handsome) face when he's murdering, it's clear Drogo really enjoys taking a life. Which, to be fair, is sort of a Game of Thrones character pre-requisite, but he takes it a bit far. For example, when he chooses to use Viserys gold belt to "crown"him — he could have just killed the guy gently and sold that belt for money to take down Westeros. But no, he had to made a production of it because he lusts for violence.

8. He Low-Key Fetishized Daenerys

Drogo was a young and powerful Dothraki, so he could have had any woman from his tribe he wanted. Instead, he chose to drop lots of money on an exotic princess whom he had Illyrio Mopatis find for him. While it's never explicitly stated that he was trying to find a trophy wife, it seems pretty clear to me. Sketchy.

9. He Never Bothers To Learn The Common Tongue

Here we have young Daenerys trying her hardest to learn the language of her hubby, and he can't seem to bother himself with hers — though he will probably be with her in King's Landing as consort. How does he think court will play out if he never learns how to communicate with anyone? I get that it's easier for young people to learn languages, but come on.

10. He Only Agrees To Attack Westeros Out Of Vengeance-Lust

Drogo seems to have to no desire to cross the "poison water" to reclaim the Iron Throne for his Targaryen in-laws until someone from Westeros tries to poison Dany. If we've learned anything from Game of Thrones, it's that people who kill out of vengeance (who aren't Starks) are bad news.

11. His Eyeliner Is Ridiculous

Where did you even get a mirror to make your lines so perfectly smeared? I'm calling foul.

12. The Dothraki Are Pillagers

Raping and pillaging is how the Dohtraki survive in their cruel, cruel world, but that doesn't make the violence any better. Everyone always focuses on how Drogo changes his ways for Daenerys when she requests that he doesn't let his men rape the Lhazareen women. But remember how he's been tearing apart communities for decades before he meets his lady love? What about those women?

Everyone's all hype about the never-ending love of Khal Drogo and Daenerys, but I think it's time we all embraced the truth — that Drogo was kind of a jerk and that our Khaleesi is better off Khal-less. Without his death, she never would have been able to grow as a mother of dragons or the conquerer she was destined to become. So in conclusion, peace out Drogo, it's been real, it's been fun, but it hasn't been real fun.

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