The Kylie Cosmetics Packaging Got An Update

To say that this brand is popular would be quite an understatement. Nearly every time there’s a product launch or restock, inventory sells out in just mere minutes. Since its logo and everything about the brand is so iconic, you may be wondering why the Kylie Cosmetics packaging changed. If you’re a repeat customer, then you’ve likely noticed that Kylie Jenner’s switched things up a bit, and it could be for this one reason.

If you were lucky enough to snag a lippie when the brand first launched, then you know that the boxes were black with the Kylie Cosmetics dripping logo around the border. Apparently, having the boxes be this recognizable allegedly caused some problems for the company. Boxes were reportedly stolen or opened before ever getting to the doorstep of the person who actually ordered them, according to Glamour. Teen Vogue quoted a statement on the Better Business Bureau site that reads, "The company has informed the BBB that they confirm the weight of items shipped prior to shipping but the allege that because of highly-recognizable labeled packaging, containers are being opened and products removed. The company has informed BBB that they will soon be changing the labels on their packages."

Now, it seems the brand has made some adjustments to the outside of the box, possibly so that your Lip Kits are even more likely to arrive safely to your mailbox. I noticed the change with my recent purchase of the Exposed lip gloss. I have the box from my original Mary Jo K purchase to show as a comparison to the new and improved Kylie Cosmetics method of delivery.

The original boxes had this unmistakeable logo on the outside.

And was plain black on the inside.

Now, Jenner basically just flipped that concept. The box is entirely black on the outside.

And covered with that dripping print once you open it up.

No matter what the box looks like, it's never not exciting to receive that "Delivered" notification!

I like that Jenner didn't just go with a plain brown box, but instead stayed true to her aesthetic. Just, you know, in a way that will hopefully protect her customers even more. And satisfied customers are a must. It's just business 101, you know?

Images: kyliecosmetics/Instagram (1); Augusta Statz/Bustle (4)