Is Demi Lovato At The Democratic Convention? She's Not Afraid To Speak Out

Demi Lovato has found a new camp to rock, and that is the Democratic National Convention. That's right, Demi will be rolling into Philly next week to support Hillary Clinton, along with the rest of the huge list of confirmed attendees, from Snoop Dogg to John Stewart. As if there's not already enough anticipation surrounding this historic event, Demi has decided to shroud her specific plans in mystery, leaving her fans to wonder: What will Demi be up to at the DNC convention?

Demi provided some information via Twitter this past week. On Wednesday, she announced that she would be attending in a Tweet saying, "I'm going to @DemConvention next week in Philly!!" accompanied by a choice Hillary GIF. She then followed it up with a hot tip: Text DEMI to 47246 to "get a text back with what I'll be doing on stage to support @HillaryClinton."

Of course, I followed Demi's directions immediately, and though I did not receive a video of Demi and Hill dancing in matching fishnet body suits as I had hoped, I did get looped into an exclusive group of only Demi's closest confidants.

Here's the text I got back:

According to USA Today, this text tactic is being used by a number of celebrities other than Demi, including Katie Perry and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, to make sure fans are tuned in to their appearance at the DNC. The only difference with Demi? A text for the other celebs will tell you when that person "speaks at the event," while Demi's number says, "We'll text you when Demi takes the stage..." For those aching to know if Demi will be performing, this seems to suggest that she will! However, as Carly Mallenbaum of USA Today reported on Thursday, spokeswoman for the DNC Committee, Morgan Finkelstein, has refused to confirm whether Demi, or anyone else, will be given the mic.

If Demi is given the chance to grace the stage with her golden pipes, she would fit right in the lineup, alongside Janelle Monae and Idina Menzel. And if the Committee's taking suggestions, Demi is a pro at singing the National Anthem; her heart-wrenching performance at the MLB World Series last year is all the proof we need.

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