This 'Suicide Squad' Trailer Raises More Questions

by Allie Gemmill

As we get closer to August 5, the Suicide Squad hype machine continues to churn out some seriously tantalizing trailers. Most recently, we were delivered a series of short character trailers via each Suicide Squad actor's Instagram. Those mini-trailers were literal confections of neon villainy and just too perfect for words. But now, the marketing team for what is sure to be summer's biggest hit has outdone themselves with another entirely separate set of individual trailers. First, it was Harley Quinn being adorably demented, but now, it's the Joker's turn. With his own solo Suicide Squad trailer, this is the longest look we audiences have gotten at the Clown Prince of Crime and we've learned so much.

The biggest reveal? Joker is on a quest to reunite with his one true love, Harley Quinn. These two have a very twisted history, but the punchline is that they're the right kind of crazy for each other. In the opening moments of the trailer, the Joker is seen asking, "Where is she?" and staring very ominously towards the camera. We see a few quick shots of Harley interacting with a creepy guard (that's The Mindy Project's Ike Barinholtz, in case you were wondering), who reminds her, "You know the rules, hotness. Gotta keep off these bars." Harley is looking very attention-starved. Then, said guard is seen in what is sure to be his last moments, sitting and waiting for the Joker to show him his "toys." But playtime is over because it can be surmised that through this guard, the Joker will get all the info on where his one true love is. From there, the trailer details the Joker's singular mission to be reunited with Harley so that the two can wreak some serious havoc. Will they be a help or hindrance to the rest of the Suicide Squad once they reunite?

Joker's love quest is echoed in Harley's own personal trailer. In the first sequence, she can be seen taking out a foe in an elevator, then receiving a text from the Joker to "be ready," to which Harley coos aloud. Reunions can be so romantic, even when there's bullets and bats flying at high speed, huh? Aside from letting love be his driving force, there's one very eerie detail that hints at Joker's plans for the future. In one of his personal trailer's final shots, you can see he is surrounded by knives and... baby onesies? The sinister side of me wants to know whether they've been previously worn, but let's imagine for a minute the Joker bought them in preparation for the future. Is the Joker just a maniacal softie who wants to settle down with Harley Quinn and start a family?

So, is the Joker only joining the Suicide Squad for love? Or are his motives much more twisted? I wouldn't get settled into thought of happily-ever-afters where the Joker and Harley are concerned just yet. The Joker's role is one that promises to make him live up to his "Wild Card" mantle. Do you think he can be redeemed? Check out the trailer and decide for yourself.

Images: Comicbook.com/Youtube (2); Giphy