When Do The New Kat Von D Liquid Lipsticks Come Out? Autumn Seems Likely

In a bold move following recent spats with a certain makeup mogul, Kat Von D has announced 14 new shades of her liquid lipstick line, Teen Vogue reported. Little is yet known about the launch, including the answer to a question likely on all our minds: When do Kat Von D's new liquid lipsticks come out? Truth be told, no one even knows how much these babies are going to cost or, more importantly, what the actual colors are going to be. But still, the buzz surrounding the announcement has only fed off the drama already circulating around Kat Von D and ex BFF Jeffree Star.

Regardless of which side you're taking in the latest celebrity drama — you know, Jeffree Star versus Kat Von D — many liquid lipstick fans have been sadly disappointed to hear that thanks to the feud, Kat Von D would be discontinuing the "Jeffree" shade from her beauty range.

Whether the new move by Von D was an attempt to make up for our loss or simply the logical progression of her savvy beauty business, Kat Von D announcing 14 new liquid lipstick shades, as her company confirmed to Allure, was a smart decision. When the media spotlight is on you, it only makes sense to try to make some money out of it. Especially when you're basically neck in neck with another impossibly popular makeup brand.

Although there's been no official release date shared for the new Kat Von D liquid lipstick shades yet, there's no harm in speculating. Earlier in 2016, Von D shared a selfie of herself wearing the new liquid lipstick shade "Plath" that hasn't yet hit stores.

It's a shade that will hopefully become a part of her new release and has been (if my math skills are right) at least four months in the making. This post only proves that Kat Von D doesn't mind making us sit tight for a premium product — and that perhaps the new 14 liquid lipstick shades won't be out as soon as we think.

From what I know about makeup seasons, the "Crucifix" color introduced recently and the "Plath" hue shared in a KVD selfie seem like decisively autumnal tones. Considering that the "Crucifix" Kat Von D Beauty pic promises seven brown/gray shades in a new release, I don't think it's a far reach to assume that these colors won't be out in time for late summer.

In fact, I'm sure that Kat Von D wouldn't want to compete with Kylie Jenner's #summersurprises. This business-motivated makeup lover will likely make us wait until September, at which point we'll hopefully be able to buy her everlasting liquid lippies.