How Much Does The Pokémon Perfume Cost? Get Ready To Bask In Pikachu Glory

If you want to cover up the slightly sweaty smell radiating off your body post-running around town catching Pokémon all day, I shall now introduce to you the option of Pokémon Perfume. But how much does the Pokémon Perfume cost? Surely, a Bulbasaur-stamped eau de toilette would set a trainer back some mega bucks, right?

That's where you're wrong, my friend. Hold onto your Ash Ketchum hat, because the fragrance is surprisingly inexpensive. According to Popsugar, the scent has been available for some time now, but it just recently got thrown back into the public eye. "Air Val International has produced a Pokémon perfume since 2003, but due to the resurgence of the game's popularity, the scent is regaining traction among fun-loving fragrance fans." To think we could have been wearing something Pikachu-approved for over a decade now. Well, at least we can make up for lost time.

The smell is citrus-sweet and targeted towards a more teenage demographic, but that could actually work in your favor as it won't be too overpowering. Popsugar reported, "The juice features notes of orange blossom, vanilla, and musk, and because it was designed for children, it's lightweight, making it ideal for Summer spritzing." Who wants to wear a heavy, spicy scent while jogging across the park in the July heat to catch a Snorlax, right? This would be so much better.

Pokemon Perfume, Fragrance X

So now let's get down to the brass tax: How wide is your wallet going to have to open in order to bring a bottle onto your dresser? Apparently, not that wide at all. You'll barely have to shell out a 20, including shipping, handling, and all.

Big chains don't carry the perfume, so you'll have to hop online to get your bottle. Jet currently sells it for less than $15, and eBay has bottles for just under $14 — making this a very affordable scent. Even if you get the perfume and aren't too wild about the odor, the risk won't set you too far back, money wise. It's totally worth it, IMO.

And with the new demand over anything Pokémon, here's hoping Air Val comes out with more options. InStyle pointed out a great idea, suggesting, "Now if only this came in a rollerball version for easy carrying while engaged in a Pokémon Go sesh. We're crossing our fingers that incarnation of the fragrance is on its way." It'll only make catching 'em all more fun — if that's even possible.

Images: Courtesy Brands