Where To Buy The Pokemon Perfume Before It's Sold Out The World Over — PHOTOS

If you're just as obsessed with "Pokemon Go" as the rest of the population seems to be, then you're going to love this. There is now a Pikachu-inspired fragrance that you can wear on the daily. So where can you buy the Pokemon perfume? Luckily, it's still fairly simple to get your hands on it.

When you're busy catching Charmanders on your way to work or finding Bulbasaurs lurking at your favorite bar, it's easy to get swept away. Pokemon stays permanently on the brain, and you might begin to wish you had some Ash Ketchum-inspired gloves or, at the very least, a red and white baseball cap to cosplay in while you catch 'em all. But for those of you who would prefer a subtler touch, the Pokemon Perfume might be for you.

According to Popsugar, "Air Val International has produced a Pokemon perfume since 2003, but due to the resurgence of the game's popularity, the scent is regaining traction among fun-loving fragrance fans." I bet they didn't expect a boom in purchases 13 years after the original product hit the market, but here we are!

The perfume is a playful mix of candy-sweet, citrus smells, described as a daytime "unisex fragrance featuring notes of orange blossom, vanilla, and musk," according to InStyle.

Pokemon Cologne, $14.89, jet.com

If that's the daytime eau de toilette, then fingers crossed there might be an evening one a trainer might be able to spritz on during the weekends. After all, you never know who you might bump into while tossing out Pokemon balls at the park on a Saturday night.

So if you're completely sold and need to get your hands on this, then you have a couple of options. Big chain stores don't seem to carry the perfume, so you'll have to get your bottle online. At the moment, it's available on both eBay and Jet for $13.88 and $14.89 respectively, but you might want to hurry. Over 500 bottles have already been sold on eBay, and the fragrance is totally sold out on Fragrance.com and Fragrance X.

Whether you want to get it as a gag gift for a particularly obsessed friend or just want to relive your childhood a little with this fun throwback, one thing is for sure: You've got to nab this before it's all gone. Even if it's just for the bottle alone — I mean, you never know, it might become a collector's item one day.

At the very least, seeing Pikachu hanging out on your dresser every morning won't exactly be what you call an eyesore.

Images: Fragrance X (1); Courtesy Brands