Why Take Back the Night is Taking Back Justin Timberlake's 'Take Back the Night'

In today's you-saw-this-coming news, the Take Back the Night foundation is threatening to sue Justin Timberlake over the name of his new single, "Take Back the Night." According to Executive Director Katherine Kostner, Timberlake never even asked if he could use the name.

So why is Take Back the Night so worked up? Well, imaginary person who knows nothing about Take Back the Night, the organization works to end all forms of sexual violence. Justin Timberlake's single, however, has verses like this:

"Tonight the night’s, come on surrender"

...your clothes (only if you want to) and not your consent, because Take Back the Night is only supportive of consenting adult sexual relationships! C'mon Justin! Empowered women don't "surrender!"

"Your love’s a weapon"

Are you talking about literal sexual violence now? Okay, so you're probably not, but what the hell does this mean, even?

"Come on, use me up until there’s nothing left"

This just sounds unhealthy. Have some self-esteem JT, you have more to offer than your body!

"Dizzy, spinning, sweating, you can’t catch your breath"

This could be referring to dancing or having a lot of sex. However, it also sounds like getting roofied. Not a wise choice of words.

"Attraction can drive you crazy/The way you move, you go crazy, that’s incentive for me"

Maybe she can dance however she wants and it's not meant as incentive? Maybe when you're attracted to someone, you're still in control of your mind and actions and not crazy at all? Hmm?

"And the horns say, alright"

But what's this girl say? Because if it's not "alright," you might find her taking back the night in another way...

Taken on their own, the lyrics aren't so bad. But you have to admit, it's a damn unfortunate coincidence. If there was any song that needed a feminist parody account, it's definitely this one.