This Sex Toy Makes Reading More Pleasurable

As Anne of Green Gables author L.M. Montgomery once said: “Books have the same irresistible temptation for me that liquor has for its devotee.” Thanks to B.Sensory's new e-reader sex toy, The Little Bird, more folks are likely to feel addicted to literature in much the same way.

The Little Bird is an ingenious device that links up via bluetooth with digitized short stories for a vibrating play-by-play. Although their IndieGoGo campaign made headlines last year, this French born-and-bred vibe has finally flown the coop.

"Inherently, erotic literature is what gives more sensations," creator of Little Bird Christel Le Coq recently told Wired. "I like the idea of giving women a new way of reading and of having fun. It speaks to our first sensorial organ: the brain."

Heres how it works: once you purchase the hardware (in lime, turquoise or fuchsia), all you need to do is download the corresponding app and pick some erotica from the "vibration library." As the story unfolds and the action increases, so will the intensity of the motion, and as you read along, you can shake, blow, or caress your screen to trigger the fun. If it gets too much for you to handle, you can also just switch on remote control mode to give your eyes a break.

Unfortunately, the Little Bird doesn't link up with any old story just yet — but that seems like the future of e-reader sex toys if you ask me. Who wouldn't want to dig into a new, buzzworthy novel never knowing exactly when the intensity will escalate as you turn each page? While that may be a distant dream, an audio book meets vibrator app is likely on the horizon. Le Coq told Wired that B.Sensory is exploring an Amazon Audible partnership, which could offer bookworms a new option for literate, aural sex.

Images: B-Sensory; Giphy