Andi Dorfman Is 'The Bachelorette': 7 Things to Know About ABC's Most Eligible Attorney

After weeks of speculation, the cat is finally out of the bag: Andi Dorfman is The Bachelorette. The 26-year-old Atlanta native has been selected out of Juan Pablo's ladies to take on the challenge (privilege?) of dating her own 20 plus men on live television. The lady will begin her second journey to find love late this spring, so while we twiddle our fingers and wait anxiously to see what's in store for Andi, here's 7 things you might not have known about the brunette beauty.

1. She has a real job

OK, OK, being a model is technically a real job, but unlike many of The Bachelor contestants, Andi left her actual job being an actual attorney to be part of The Bachelor, and now, The Bachelorette. Last week, a letter from Andi's boss, aka the District Attorney of Fulton County, was released that detailed her request for leave of absence. After the letter was made public, speculation on Andi's forthcoming Bachelorette gig was as good as confirmed.

2. Her longest relationship was three years

According to a Q&A with Jezebel magazine, Andi Dorfman is no stranger to serious relationships, having been in a courtship that lasted a whopping three years.

3. She Wants to Marry a guy who's useful around the house

In the same interview, Andi said her ideal man is: "Someone who is confident (but not cocky), funny, athletic and knows how to change a light bulb."

4. She loves Ryan Gosling Just As Much As You Do

"Josh Duhamel, Ryan Gosling and Tom Brady," Andi said of her top three celebrity crushes.

5. She stands by her comments about Juan Pablo

6. She can fit in really tiny spaces

7. Her First Ever Tweet Was About Drake


Image: ABC