And the Final Rose Goes to ... Spoilers!

We've all been wondering who the lucky (or unlucky, if you're not a fan) woman Juan Pablo would choose to give the final rose to in the season finale of the 18th season of The Bachelor , and it's SPOILER ALERT: Nikki. So, obviously, she's not the villain that she was set up to be. This season has perhaps been one of the most controversial, with one of the least likable bachelors in the history of the show, and now, it's come to an end. Juan Pablo chooses Nikki and the rest is history.

Hopefully, anyway. Because Juan Pablo is rude (Andi blatantly called him out on it, and his family members hinted at it), and we know he's homophobic. He also hinted that he wasn't even itching to pop the question and live on with his lady-choice in holy matrimony. After choosing between the 26-year-old nurse and her competitor, the eager 32-year-old hair stylist Clare Crawley, he didn't get down on one knee... he just decided to "choose to be with her," which as we all know, isn't always the greatest indicator of commitment. Like, you can choose to eat a pint of Chunky Monkey for dinner without having its babies.

Nikki's parents seemed okay with the idea of her marrying the 32-year-old single dad, and it seems like his parents dug her, too, but a proposal? Nope. He just "chooses her," because he "likes her a lot."

Do you think he should have picked Clare over Nikki? And don't you think Andi would make a kickass Bachelorette? After this season, it's high time for another lady to be doling out the roses.

Images: ABC