There's One Thing Mila Kunis Won't Do

by Anna Klassen

Mila Kunis has been a mom for almost two years. She had her daughter, Wyatt, with fellow actor and husband, Ashton Kutcher, 21 months ago, and now she has another on the way. But Kunis, who is still fairly new to the whole mom thing, admits that she is far from a perfect mother, which makes her the perfect star of STX Entertainment's Bad Moms . But one thing Kunis is trying hard to do? Stay away from the internet — specifically, Google. "Every day there's a new statistic. You're consuming all this information, then you have to digest it, and regurgitate it back. This wasn't happening when we were kids," the actor says. "Nowadays, you Google, 'What do I do if my kid has a scratch?' And it tells you your kid is dying of cancer. Literally it's too much. Too much information."Kunis believes relying on the internet as a problem solving tool is something unique to her generation. After all, Google wasn't around when our moms were raising us. "My mom was raising me with my grandmother. Her source of information was my grandmother, and her source of information was her mother. It was all passed down," the 32-year-old actor explains. "My mom always says, 'Nowadays you raise your child with your village as Google.' If you have a question you don't call your mom, you don't call your aunt, you use Google."

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

But Kunis didn't like this way of thinking, and wanted to rely on real people for advice, instead of relying on her smart phone to tell her how to raise her child. So, Kunis put away the iPhone and the MacBook and made a "really conscious decision" not to use Google when it comes to her questions concerning her kids. Instead, she has a much more real — perhaps even quaint — source of information: other moms. "I surround myself with women that I can text before I use Google and get into a dark wormhole of information, because then you spiral. Instead I text a girlfriend of mine who I trust who has kids. I have a really great wonderful group of women and we're all in the same text chat. We all have kids of different ages, and we are all very healthy individuals, so we keep each other in check."

Sounds like a solid alternative to search engines. After all, Siri doesn't come with years of built in friendship.

Bad Moms hits theaters Friday, July 29.