Jojo & Chase's 'Bach' Date Went, Um... Very Poorly

Wait a minute... didn't we just watch JoJo Fletcher meet her guys on The Bachelorette? How is it already time for the fantasy suite dates?! This season has totally flown by, and believe it or not, Monday night's episode left JoJo with three men to choose from — and three overnight dates. And of course, what happens during those dates is always the topic of conversation, mostly thanks to human curiosity, so you might be wondering if JoJo and Chase had sex in the fantasy suite. But judging by what happened during the date, it's safe to say they did not.... and for a very good reason.

After spending a day in Thailand on a boat and looking at monkeys — who were exceptionally cute, by the way — JoJo and Chase retired to the fantasy suite. But even though she agreed she wanted to spend the night with him sans cameras, something obviously wasn't right, and JoJo used the opportunity to fill Chase in on some news he really didn't want to hear and sent him home. And unfortunately enough, she waited until juuuuust after Chase confessed that he's falling in love with her and admitting that it's really scary and difficult for him to say those words out loud.

It's usually unclear as to whether or not a Bachelorette actually sleeps with her guys in the suite — and honestly, it's not anyone's business but hers — but this time, it's a definitive no. Without wasting much time. JoJo sent Chase home, and it was the best thing she could have done. Why make him suffer through another rose ceremony if she wasn't feeling it? Props to JoJo for ending things before it went any further than she was comfortable with — and as she learned from their argument afterwards, it was probably for the best.

See ya, Chase. Let's look on the bright side: At least he got to hang out on that sweet beach in Thailand. And see those monkeys. So aside from his heartbreak, maybe it wasn't all bad?

Image: Adam Larkey/ABC