20 Photos Of Jordan Before 'The Bachelorette'

Since The Bachelorette's frontrunner managed to escape Hometown Dates without getting embarrassed by his parents, I think we're owed some awkward photos of Jordan Rodgers before The Bachelorette , don't you? I'm almost positive that Jordan is going to come away with the win and JoJo Fletcher's heart in the swiftly-approaching finale. This is really our last chance to see him as he was, before he's perfectly groomed for the cameras in every photo from here to eternity. As I'm sure we all know, Jordan was a football star at Vanderbilt who bounced around to a few teams in the NFL, so we have all manner of pictures of him from those days, of course.

But he was also a total goofball who was not above a good selfie or an embarrassing Halloween costume photo, so we also have a wide array of images to choose from. God bless the internet. He's quite the well-coiffed master of charm now, so it's fun to see Jordan at every stage, from a gangly, awkward teen in high school (complete with mouth guard) to a college ball player celebrating on the field, to his long-haired NFL days. At the end of the day, it's probably good that JoJo has already made her final pick, because some of these pics are prettttttty embarrassing. Sorry, Jordan. I had to.

1. Superhero-ing It Up At Halloween

I wouldn't have figured him for the sidekick type.

2. Playing For The Jacksonville Jaguars


3. Showing Off That Bod

Looking good, as always.

4. Rocking That Pitch Perfect Merch

This feels like his truest self.

5. And Don't Forget About His Movie Cameo

Oh, so that's why he's such a big fan of Pitch Perfect. Should've known.

6. Stealing The Spotlight On The Sidelines

We see you, Jordan.

7. In High School, Back In The Day

Talk about a #TBT.

8. In A College Promo Shot

Vanderbilt's finest.

9. Celebrating On The Field

We might see this same post on the Bachelorette finale.

10. Dancing His Heart Out

Really cutting loose, huh?

11. ...And Sweatin' It Up

Working hard out there.

12. Trying Out Some Facial Hair

Speaking of working hard, it looks like that was tough to grow.

13. Signing Some Stuff

Always gotta look out for the fans.

14. Training Hard

Looking good out there, Rodgers.

15. And Playing Hard Too

Um, is that a shark?

16-18. The Dude Knows How To Have Fun

I know these aren't photos, but I couldn't not share this series.

19. Looking A Lot Like His Brother Aaron

Not sure if we're supposed to talk about that.

20. And Celebrating Christmas With Luke

The one(sie) brother he's still close with.

I don't know about you, but I feel like I just saw a whole 'nother side of Jordan, and it's kind of adorable. JoJo is so lucky.

Image: ABC