When Will The Other Kyshadow Palettes Come Out?

With Kylie Jenner's recent announcement over her new eye shadow kit "Kyshadow Palettes," beauty lovers everywhere are rejoicing over the idea of having new Kylie tools to create the perfect makeup look. In an announcement video on her website, The Kylie Jenner, Jenner revealed that her first kit is called "The Bronze Palette," where it boasts nine different shades of brown, promising to help you create the perfect smoky eye.

It includes two highlighters in the form of champagne and pearly white hues to help you create a more open and awakened eye, as well as dark shades of black and chestnut brown in order to line your eyes and deepen your lashes. But the bulk of the palette includes different colors of brown and orange, allowing you to achieve as dark or as light of a look as you want. The browns help create a deep foundation, while the orange hues allow you to create a warm halo of color around your lash lines.

While this is all very exciting, we're currently reeling with the fact that this won't be the only eye shadow kit we could get our hands on. Call it greedy, but makeup lovers everywhere have two more Kyshadow Palettes to look forward to.

In Jenner's video she has makeup artist Ariel Tejada come in and demonstrate on Jenner herself on how to use the palette, showing viewers at home how easily layer-able and blend-able the colors truly are. The end result is stunning, but at the end Jenner faces the camera and drops another breaking-news-bomb to those watching: This is only the first palette debuted.

While the bronze palette is dropping on July 26 at 3 p.m EST, Jenner shared that there are two more palettes dropping before the end of the year is up, so we should all keep our eyes peeled for their releases. She doesn't mention if she'll roll out another one before the summer is up or if we'll have to wait for the next season to get our hands on it, but we do know that it'll have a 2016 deadline. All three should be available to customers before the new year hits, so we at least have that to bank on.

It looks like she rounded the bases when it came to the bronze color scheme, so it might be right to assume that the next kits will focus on different shade variations. Only time will tell — we'll be waiting with bated breath.