What Will The Other Kyshadow Palettes Look Like?

Kylie Jenner's recent Kyshadow Palette announcement has the beauty world reeling — not only because Jenner is now making the smooth transition from lip to shadow products (rejoice makeup drawers!,) but also that there are more palettes in the works. Her "Bronze Palette"might be her first eye shadow kit, but it won't be her last one.

In an announcement video on her website, The Kylie Jenner, Jenner shares with her fans and excited audience that she has already whipped together not one but three Kyshadow Palettes. The first kit is created around nine different shades of brown, allowing the wearer to create a subtle daytime look that helps their eyes pop, or a gorgeous smokey eye if the mood so strikes. (After all, smokey eyes aren't just for the nighttime, as Jenner proves over and over across her social media.)

But with the "Bronze Palette" including just about every brown hue you could imagine ever needing (along with highlighter and contouring shades to help you achieve the perfect eye,) what can the other palettes include?

It might be safe to assume she'll branch out from the brown section of the makeup color spectrum and try out funkier hues. While right now all we can do is speculate, she did mention in her video that she's only been wearing her palettes for the past five to six months on both Snapchat and Instagram. Which means we might be able to find clues that hint as to what the next round of products might hold.

For example, the image above has a playful lilac eye, meaning there might be some bolder shades included in the next batch. Jenner did move into a bolder color collection with her Lip Kits once she check-marked off all the neutral lip shades (remember the blue ones?) so it can seem entirely possible she'd do it again with her shadows.

Meanwhile, this image below shows a more sparkly shade, which could hint at a non-matte collection:

That would also be in line with how she branched out into glosses after getting a good amount of matte colors down. While right now all we can do is guess, Jenner has proved in the past that she likes to round off all our makeup needs — from supplying us with shine to playful, crazy colors, she doesn't leave many stones unturned.

So here's hoping that same philosophy continues with her shadow kits!