Fall Denim Inspo, Five Ways

When I think of all the women whose style I admire most, they have one fundamental thing in common: they all have the ability to make a minimal look totally stand out. Sure, red carpet fashion is great, but wearable daily looks are what catch my eye most — and get me thinking about ways to mix up my own wardrobe — especially when it comes to fall denim. Jeans and a t-shirt might sound simple, but perfecting that effortless balance of “I threw this on in 30 seconds" and notable personality takes years of experimentation. Developing your own style and sensibility is definitely a process, and one that evolves constantly. But once you figure out what you like, your attitude is what matters most. *Effortlessly cool* is something you can aim for, but your own confidence and comfort are the keys to getting there. And the perfect pair of jeans is definitely crucial. Finding that magic pair that fulfills the ultimate fit, wash, and feel trifecta is the stuff of closet dreams — and once it's found, your life becomes markedly easier.

With that in mind, we teamed up with Levi's® to show how five of the most stylish women in our office are wearing their denim this fall, and get the inside scoop on how the perfect pair sets them apart.


Olivia is wearing the Levi's® Mid Rise Skinny Jean in "Indigo Devotion."

"My personal style is romantic and adventurous. I may keep things simple, but jazz it up with a statement jacket, bright shoe, headpiece, or bold necklace."

"The first thing I look for in a pair of jeans is fit — I always look for a cut that elongates my legs. Then I look at the color and waist height. I'm definitely a mid-rise or high waist kind of girl. This pair is super comfortable and fits my shape perfectly. I'm obsessed with the dark wash look."


Allie is wearing the Levi's® 535 Super Skinny Jean in "Mid Roast."

"I would describe my style as boy-meets-girl, or a mix of girly and grungy. I like to combine feminine pieces with something menswear-inspired or androgynous, like an oversized t-shirt. In my day-to-day I dress pretty casually and I won't wear anything that isn't comfortable — which is why you'll never see me in heels."

"Length is so important. I used to have to get all my jeans hemmed, so I love that brands like Levi's are making more styles in shorter lengths."

"Growing up, I wore a school uniform every day for eight years. I remember always being excited for the rare 'dress down day,' when we got to ditch the plaid skirt for a pair of jeans."


Emily is wearing the Levi's® 535 Super Skinny Jean in "Canal."

"When jeans are the foundation of my outfit, they have to look good or else the whole thing is thrown off. I think my jeans say that I care a lot about the clothes that I put on my body."

"The classic shape of these jeans means I can throw them on with anything and they'll still look chic. I always look for denim that I can move around in. As a video producer, I'm constantly running around, so my jeans have to move with me."

"My style is a little quirky but classic. I like to mix traditional, structured pieces like this blazer with fun pins. I also love clothes that are unexpectedly edgy, like these black boots with a super pointy toe — it's all in the details."


Sarah is wearing the Levi's® 535 Super Skinny Jean in "Rusty Sunlight."

"My style is definitely a reflection of my personality. I love being bold, and any pattern or accessory that makes a statement. I always want to stand out in a crowd."

"When I find a pair of jeans that fit perfectly, I feel confident in a way that really makes a difference in my day."

“You can’t go wrong with skinny jeans and booties.”


Liana is wearing the Levi's® 535 Super Skinny Jean in "Bird Rock."

"I'm calling this look 'The Tiniest Biker Who Left Her Moto Boots At Home.' You'll never catch me in a bodycon dress — the tightest thing you'll see me in are my jeans."

"My jeans say that I'd rather be a little rough around the edges instead of totally polished. They tell you that I'm reaching for my sneaks over my pumps (which would end up breaking off in a subway grate, anyway)."

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Photography: Liam Goslett; Styling: Jenna Wexler; Hair: Natasha Leibel; Makeup: Jamie Dorman; Design: Liz Minch/Bustle;