Every Harry Potter Wand, Explained

Every wand in the Harry Potter universe is unique, made from different woods in different lengths and with different cores, and each wand is special. And now there's a handy infographic of all the wands in Harry Potter to help you keep track of who is wielding what. Plus, let's be honest, any kid who ever read Harry Potter wanted a wand.

In the Harry Potter universe, wands are made by wand makers, all of whom have their own technique in crafting wands, and each individual witch or wizard is matched up with a unique wand suited only to them — according to Mr. Ollivander, it's in fact the wand that choses the witch or wizard. And therefore another witch or wizard's wand will never work as well for you as your own. So unlike many fantasy worlds where wands are just inherently magical objects, in Harry Potter they're also personal. Which makes it fascinating to know what sort of wand the different characters have.

In order to celebrate Harry Potter (who in turn celebrates his fictional 36th birthday this month), the upcoming premiere of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child , and the glory of wands in general, therefore, has put together an infographic of all the most important wands in the Harry Potter series.

And if you want to know what wand you're meant to be matched with, you're in luck! You can once again find out through Pottermore, the official Harry Potter website.