Here's When The KyShadows Go On Sale

by Jessica Willingham

Just when your bank account was slowly, but surely, recovering, Kylie Cosmetics released a brand new product. So what time does Kylie Cosmetics' KyShadow come out? Set your alarms, because this one is going to go fast.

Jenner's new KyShadow product is The Bronze Palette, a nine-shade, warm-toned delight that features seven matte shades and two shimmers. While we aren't sure how much this palette will retail for (or what else is being released alongside it) we do know that The Bronze Palette goes on sale on tomorrow at 3 PM PST. One of the last Kylie Cosmetics launches sold out in less than eight minutes, so set your alarm and cross your fingers.

Kylie Cosmetics had a reputation for website crashes in the early days of the brand, with more than 100,000 shoppers flooding servers as they all tried to check out at once. The result? Lost carts and missed opportunity for a lot of fans. When it comes to snagging the latest Kylie product, her brand's website advises to never refresh your page — doing so risks losing your spot in line. It's best to stay calm, stay patient, and know exactly what you want as soon as it launches.

However, the brand has been pretty well stocked lately so hopefully they have enough palettes for everyone! Jenner has already taken to Snapchat to show off her palette swatches and exactly how to use them.

So set your alarms, cross your fingers, and say a prayer, because this may be the most popular Kylie Cosmetics launch, ever.

Image: Kylie Jenner/Instagram