Alicia Silverstone To Star In Kyle Richards' Show

by Emily Lackey

Exciting news for Kyle Richards fans. The TV pilot that the Real Housewife of Beverly Hills is set to produce about her life is finally getting a cast. And the big news out of Hollywood is that one of the lead roles has finally been filled. It was announced on Monday that Alicia Silverstone is set to star in the TV Land series, American Woman all about Kyle Richards’ life. But will Silverstone be playing someone in the infamous family? Considering that this is a series based loosely on her life, it would be pretty unusual if she weren’t.

So allow me to be the bearer of good news: Not only will Silverstone be playing someone close to Richards and her family, she will be playing someone in it. Silverstone is set to play Bonnie, the character based on Richards’ mother. The show, which will follow Silverstone’s character to Hollywood as she seeks out a new life for herself and her daughters, is set in the 1970s in the middle of the rise of feminism. As if the political climate weren’t dramatic enough, Bonnie leaves her husband and attempts to forge her own path to independence with her daughters in tow.

And what a time to do it.

Jason Kempin/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Described as a dark comedy (and executive produced by Richards’ herself), this series sounds like one I will definitely be saving on my DVR. A perfect mix of politics, family drama, and reality television (knowing that those little girls will one day grow up to be Kathy Hilton and the Richards sisters will be enough to keep me tuning in!), this show sounds like one that will appeal to any number of audiences. And now that Alicia Silverstone is signed on to play the infamous lead role, I’m even more excited for this show to hit the airwaves.

We all just have to keep our fingers crossed that it makes it through pilot season and onto our television sets. We all know we’d be better off with even more Richards sisters in our lives.