7 Things Kyle Richards' Comedy Show Needs To Include, Because The Possibilities Here Are Endless

Kim and Kyle Richards' rollercoaster relationship is a well-documented and oft-discussed theme on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Season 5 of the TV show brought more tension than ever, as the sisters stopped speaking to each other. Between Kim's reported arrest and her return to rehab, the family is in no short supply of drama. However, thanks to Kyle Richard's latest venture, a comedy show, the saga will be told on an entirely different platform.

People reports that Kyle is producing a comedy for TV Land — and it's based on her life! The show, set in the '70s, will reportedly center around a single mom and her three daughters. People notes that premise is very similar to Kyle's own childhood with sisters Kathy Hilton and Kim. (Bonus: 30 Rock producer John Wells also signed on to the project!)

I love that Kyle is venturing into a new genre of television, especially one that hits so close to home. It sounds like it definitely won't be a Real Housewives spinoff and that's is a very good thing. Since it appears to be inspired by her life, there's definitely some elements — both serious and funny — that I hope it addresses. Either way, I know I'll be tuning into the show.

The Richards Siblings' Future As Reality Stars

Back in the '70s, reality TV wasn't what it is today — but it would still be kind of awesome if Kyle hinted at what lies in store for the sisters.

Complicated Relationship Between Sisters

Watch one episode of RHOBH, and you'll see the complexity of sisterhood hard at work. It would be impossible for Kyle to ignore this while producing her scripted show.

Kyle's Crazy-Good Hair

Every hair flips leaves me in awe.

Their Early Start In Hollywood

Both Kim and Kyle were working child stars, so I wouldn't be surprised if that finds its way into the show.

Drop "That's Hot" Like It's Hot

The '70s were a decade before Paris Hilton was born and three decades before she popularized the phrase "That's hot." However, it would be reminisce of Kyle to not make at least one cheeky reference to her niece.

One Word: Mauricio

Kyle and Mauricio are one of the best couples in the Real Housewives franchise. I'd kind of love for his fictional self to sweep Kyle's alter ego off of her feet.

Sense of Humor

Kyle's witty remarks are one of the best parts of RHOBH. Considering her new show is a comedy, I hope it preserves just how hilarious she can be.

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