Listen To Nathan Sykes' 'Pokemon' Theme Cover

by Kristie Rohwedder

There are two types of mortals on this planet that we call Earth: Those who know all of the words to the Pokémon animated series theme song, and those who do not. And on Sunday, one former member of the Wanted proved he most certainly belongs in the former category. Inspired by all of the "Pokémon Go" hoopla as of late, English pop singer Nathan Sykes covered the Pokémon TV show theme. As Capital FM points out, the ex-boybander recently tweeted his rendition of Jason Paige's revered Poké-anthem for all the Poké-loving internet to hear, and it's the stuff of Pokémon Trainer wedding first dance dreams.

In Sykes's version of the iconic late '90s cartoon theme, there's nary a screaming guitar nor a drum fill to be found; the piano-driven cover turns the soaring power ballad into a stripped-down ballad-ballad. It's divine, and anyone who says otherwise can prepare for trouble (and make it double).

Aaaand while we're on the subject of Jessie and James and Meowth, I gotta say I would not be mad if Sykes turned the Team Rocket intro into a ballad, too... No, wait. Make that an accordion-infused dance-pop banger, in the spirit of the Wanted’s 2011 hit single “Glad You Came.” Just going to put that wish out into the ether and see what happens, hope that's chill.

Siiiiiing itttt, Nathan Ketchum.

Be still my Pokéball-shaped heart.