The Internet Is Angry With The 'Bachelorette'

Oh, JoJo, you done made the Internet angry. You see, they’re mad at you right because you sent Luke home. Luke, the veteran country crooner who has a ranch in Texas and who wanted nothing more than to spend his life with you! Bachelor Nation has plenty of opinions about The Bachelorette, and all of the ones following JoJo’s rose ceremony involved insisting that Luke carry on the Bachelor baton. And you know what? I think Luke is setting up himself up to be the next Bachelor.

I don’t know what it was that sent JoJo into dumping Luke — right before the ceremony, he told her that he was in love with her, and he wanted to make sure that she knew that before he made her decision. I mean, dude — I get why you did it, but the Hail Mary rose ceremony “I love you” barely works. Here, it didn’t. But Luke totally didn’t see it coming, and his face when she didn’t say his name was like watching the puppy that he just got for Christmas get run over on December 26. Luke was blown away, and the viewers definitely felt his pain. Twitter quickly rose up to condemn JoJo.

Luke was so upset that it was honestly hard to watch, but Twitter definitely has his back. They want him to be the next Bachelor, and at this point, I don't know why ABC wouldn't oblige us. Luke is the total package — hot, smart, funny, can sing, good family, etc., etc., and America would love to watch him try to find the love of his life, especially after getting brutally dumped by JoJo. I mean, isn't that how JoJo got this job? The Bachelorette is totally setting Luke up to be the next Bachelor, and I hope we get the announcement sooner than later.

Images: Felicia Graham/ABC