Kylie Will Restock Her Summer Matte Lip Kits Soon

by Madison Alcedo

Kylie Jenner has outdone herself yet again with the announcement of her new KyShadow eyeshadow palette, but she is making fans even happier with more Kylie Cosmetics restock announcements. If you're wondering when will Kylie's Kristen, Maliboo, and Ginger lip kits be restocked, get ready.

In case you missed it, the matte summer shades are Kristen (named after Kris Jenner, of course), Mailboo, and Ginger, and if you didn't get one of the pretty neutrals the first time around, don't worry. Jenner announced via Snapchat that the her three summer matte shades Kristen, Mailboo, and Ginger will be restocked on Tuesday, July 25 — just a few days after the original launch.

Kristen and Mailboo launched on July 20 and Ginger on July 22, and all the shades sold out in the same day they went on sale (as usual)! If you're like some lucky fans, Jenner just might pop up on your doorstep to deliver some of the new shipment of the summer mattes just how she hand-delivered the KyShadow palettes.

Even though you can't yet buy Kristen, Mailboo, and Ginger as lip kit separates yet, you can get several other individual lip liners and matte lipsticks including Mary Jo K, Koko K, and Posie K. Jenner now has 15 different matte lip kit shades, and there's still endless possibilities the beauty mogul could add to her ever-growing collection.

The summer mattes are some of my favorite shades from the matte collection.

It's not confirmed, but I think that the matte lips will be restocked during the same time she launches her KyShadow palette — 3pm PST.

I'm sure that's not the only #summersurprise we can expect from Jenner. I can't wait to see what else she has in store this season!

Images: Getty Images (1); kylizzlesnapchats/Instagram (2)