These Are The Cutest Pics Of Kaitlyn & Shawn

by Nicole Pomarico

JoJo Fletcher might be the most recent Bachelorette star, but I think my favorite will always be Kaitlyn Bristowe. Not only does she have awesome style and look great in red lipstick, but she also has a great sense of humor. And her relationship with Shawn Booth has been one of the best to ever come out of the show — even a year later. They're still together and going strong, and their social media accounts are full of proof. Whether they're just running errands, on an exotic vacation, or spending time together, there are so many cute photos of Kaitlyn and Shawn that make it impossible not to fall in love with their relationship.

OK, so some of it is a genetic predisposition to be beautiful. I'm willing to admit it. Both Shawn and Kaitlyn are absolutely gorgeous on their own. But put them together, and they make the best looking couple ever. Can you imagine what their children are going to look like?!

Here are some of the cutest photos of Shawn and Kaitlyn out there for your viewing pleasure. Sorry, other members of Bachelor Nation — if there's ever an award for Most Adorable Bachelorette couple, these two will win by a landslide. They're just so pretty!

1. This Masterpiece Of A Selfie

And for the record, I think very few people pull off those sunglasses as well as Kaitlyn does.

2. This Gorgeous Wedding Shot

How are they so beautiful?! And how does Shawn look like the epitome of class holding a red Solo cup?!

3. This Photo Which Is Basically A Postcard

Whatever they're doing, I want to do it, too. Also while drinking a mimosa like Kaitlyn.

4. Their Dinner Date In Hawaii

Why is it that real life dates never look like this, unless you're Kaitlyn and Shawn?

5. When They Cuddled With Doodle

The only thing more gorgeous than these two is their dog.

6. And When They Attempted A Family Photo With Him

I know this is technically a video, but it's the cutest thing I've ever seen.

7. This Masked Photo

Can't even see most of their faces. Still the cutest.

8. This Morning Selfie

Those mugs though!

9. This Kissy Photo

Nice way to show off the ring, Kaitlyn.

10. This Mirror Pic

I love this because this was one of the first photos Kaitlyn posted on Instagram of the two of them together after the Bachelorette finale finally aired last year. Look how happy they are!

11. And This Mirror Pic, Too

What a pose!

12. This Photo That Told Their Destiny

There is nothing I love more about this couple than the fact that Shawn posted this photo before going on The Bachelorette.

13. This Photo Of Them When They Went To The #Janner Wedding

If they look this good as wedding guests, imagine what they'll look like on their wedding day.

14. When They Picked Out A Christmas Tree Together

UGH. Too cute!

15. Their Epic Halloween Costume

I hope they always do couple's costumes

16. And They Look Good In Swim Suits

Those abs, though.

17. This Pic From One Of Their First Dates

Nothing like the sweet freedom of not having to hide your relationship from the world.

18. This Photo From Bachelorette Filming

They were so meant to be, even then.

19. This Proposal Pic

20. And This One

21. And This One

And they lived happily ever after.

Images: ABC (3)