How To Throw A "Pokemon Go" Party

by Dacy Knight

Sure, you've attended more than your fair share of Pokemon-themed birthday parties complete with Pikachu-adorned plates, crepe paper, and various other paraphernalia, but times have changed, and you deserve another shot at Pokemon-inspired happiness minus the happy birthday. A lot has changed in the past couple of decades, and now you can celebrate catching 'em all in a completely new way. It's time to try out one of these "Pokemon Go" party ideas.

I recently came across an internet meme that resonated with me wholeheartedly, because it wonderfully illustrated the Peter Pan syndrome so often associated with those of a certain generation, myself included. The caption read, "Half of my high school classmates are getting married and having kids and the other half are out chasing Pokemon. What a time to be alive." What a time indeed. While freshman year lab partners and winter formal dates are walking down their respective aisles toward adulthood, the rest of us are becoming sidewalk hazards as we try to add Hitmonchans to our Pokedex.

While playing "Pokemon Go" may be symptomatic of a larger generational trend, that doesn't mean there's any harm in partaking in the fun (as long as you stay aware of your surroundings). So when it comes to the meme quote — if you fall in the latter half (or are among the first half but got a head start and are now parenting kids of party-appreciating age), what better time than now to throw a "Pokemon Go" party. Embrace your enduring youthfulness, and celebrate with all your friends who share a common love for catching 'em all.

1. Call On Your Friends To Catch 'Em All

Rally your fellow Pokemon trainers with these adorable cards that double as invitations and cute confirmation of your common bond.

Pokemon Card, $4.79, Etsy

2. Point The Way To Pokemon

Add this carved multidirectional sign post straight out of the Pokemon World to your outdoor space. Guests will be intrigued upon approaching your home, and may even have to make a pitstop to pick up a few more Pokemon.

"Pokemon Go" Sign Set, $75.00, Etsy

3. Unleash Some Flying Pikachu

Blow up this Pikachu balloon bouquet for some festive fun that takes flight in the air. If you have high ceilings, you can even cut off the strings and let balloons go soaring, enticing guests to try to catch 'em.

Pikachu Balloon Bouquet, $15.99, Party City

4. Shower Your Space With Pokeballs And Thunderbolts

Add some fiery flair throughout your party with this bold paper Pokemon confetti. Sprinkle here and there to complement centerpieces and brighten up buffet tables.

"Pokemon Go" Party Confetti, $4.99, Etsy

5. Have Oversize Pokemon Balls Hover

Not to be confused with piñatas, these eye-catching Pokemon honeycomb balls are ready to catch any critters in their way. They're attached to strings to be hung around your party and make the perfect jumbo prop for any spur of the moment captures.

Pokemon Honeycomb Balls, $5.99, Party City

6. Curate Your Own Pokedex Gallery

Go the sophisticated route and print out these downloadable Pokemon-themed art for some tongue-in-cheek decoration. Abstract prints of Pikachu, Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle add some high-brow humor to your youthful get together.

Pokemon Printable Art Decor Poster, $5.00, Etsy

7. Add Some Sculptural Decor

Get crafty with these downloadable files and create your own free standing objects like this wearable Gengar mask and smaller statuette.

Printable Pokemon Mask and Decor, $6.84, Etsy

8. Declare Your Mission In All Caps

Make the motto of your party clear with these golden letter balloons that spell out your mission.

"Pokemon Go" Gotta Catch Em All Letter Balloons, $29.99, Etsy

9. Keep The Game Going With Pokeball Party Toys

Gear up for some real life Pokeball fun with a friendly game of Pokeball dodgeball.

Pokeball Party Toys, $25.13, eBay

10. Celebrate the Eeveelution

Spread the evolution of Eevee all around with this decorative washi tape. Use to adorn cups, bowls, buffet tables, and paper accessories.

Eeveelution with Balloons Horizontal Washi Tape, $7.00, Etsy

11. Make It Rain Pikachu

Pikachu can be everywhere at your Pokemon party with these cute confetti cutouts ready to shower all over.

"Pokemon Go" Pikachu Confetti, $2.34, Etsy

12. Pass Out Pokemon Sunglasses

Pass out these retro Pokemon shades so guests can shield their tired eyes from their bright phone screens as they play to fill their Pokedex.

Pokemon Original Starters Retro Sunglasses, $8.75, Hot Topic

13. Sport Your Team's Colors

Divvy up your party guests into their specific teams, then top them off with foam and mesh trucker hats in their respective team colors.

"Pokemon Go" Team Mystic Blue Mesh Hats, $9.85, Etsy

14. Wrap Your Candy With Pokemon

Keep the energy levels high with a candy bar, but keep your sweet treats all Pokemon themed. These mini candy wrappers boast the faces of your favorite Pokemon while wrapping perfectly around bite-sized chocolates.

Pokemon Mini Candy Wrappers Instant Download, $3.00, Etsy

15. Top Your Desserts Off With Pokemon

Your baked goods can boast your cutest catches as well. These cupcake toppers make for delightful additions to your delicious desserts and also pull double duty as photo booth props once the cupcakes are through.

Pokemon Party Cupcake Toppers, $12.00, Etsy

16. Contain Your Cupcakes In Pokemon

Finish off your cupcake decorating with these adorable Pokemon wrappers.

Pokemon Cupcake Wrappers, $12.08, Etsy

17. Bake Up A Layered Pikachu Cake

Take your dessert spread to epic proportions with this tiered Pikachu cake.

Pokemon Inspired Printable Pikachu Cake Topper, $4.00, Etsy

18. Present These Precious Pokemon Macarons

If your sweet tooth still isn't satisfied, taste one of these chocolate and vanilla bean French macarons adorned in Pokeball and Pikachu designs.

Pokemon Macarons, Box of 10, $25.00, Etsy

19. Mix Up Some Pokemon-Themed Cocktails

Simultaneously test your mixology and capturing skills with one of these Pokemon-inspired cocktails perfect for getting the party going.

20. Crack Open Cold Ones For Your Team

Use team-themed bottle openers to keep the brews flowing among your companions.

Team Mystic Bottle Opener Keychain, $11.99, Etsy

21. Take Colorful Shooters From Pokemon Shot Glasses

Nothing gets the party started like throwing back shots from glasses adorned with your favorite starter Pokemon.

Starting Pokemon Shot Glass Set, $24.00, Etsy

22. Sip Your Drinks From Pikachu Pint Glasses

For bigger servings, opt for these full-sized pint glasses complete with winking Pikachu.

Pokemon Pikachu Pint Glass, $9.99, Shirt Punch

23. Keep Things Clean With Pokemon Coasters

These rubber coasters keep surfaces moisture-free all throughout your party while Pikachu, Charmander, and Bulbasaur faces grin back at guests.

Pokemon Rubber Coasters Set, $10.00, Etsy

24. Pump Up The Jams With A Pokemon Playlist

Get guests party ready and pumped up to do some catching with a curated "Pokemon Go" Spotify playlist.

25. Break Open The Pokeball To See What's Inside

Take a whack to see what awaits in this oversize Pokeball.

Pull String Pokemon Pinata, $19.99, Party City

26. Pin The Tail On The Pikachu

Play this Pokemon-inspired twist on the classic Pin the Tail on the Donkey game.

Pokemon Pin The Tail On Pikachu Activity Chalkboard, $6.50, Etsy

27. Capture Pics In The Photo Booth

Suit up in two-dimensional costumes of Ash, Misty, James, and Pikachu, and get ready for some photo booth fun.

Pokemon Party Props, $35.00, Etsy

28. Send Guests On Their Separate Ways With Bracelet Party Favors

Bid guests goodbye after granting them a parting token adorned with their favorite Pokemon and the hidden message, "I Choose You."

Pokemon Characters Rubber Bracelets Pack, $7.00, Hot Topic

Images: Etsy (19), Party City (3), eBay, Hot Topic (2), Amanda Picotte, Shirt Punch, Spotify