Chad & Evan's 'Bach' Feud May Be Behind Them

There is no denying that Chad Johnson was one of the greatest Bachelorette villains of all time. From mocking his fellow suitors to going so far as to make actual threats on their lives, there was no limit this guy wasn't willing to cross. And while the drama level on the show has significantly decreased after his elimination, fans will have another chance to see him reunite with JoJo and all of the other Season 12 contestants during Tuesday night's episode of The Bachelorette: The Men Tell All. It's no secret that Chad made a lot of enemies during his time on the show, but will all of those hostile feelings return in full force or can time really heal all wounds? I'll be particularly interested to see whether or not Chad and Evan are still fighting now that they've both spent a little extra time together on Bachelor in Paradise Season 3.

If you recall, there was certainly no love lost between these two during their time on The Bachelorette. Granted, Chad wasn't exactly beloved by anyone (aside from Daniel) in the house due to his egotistical behavior, but Evan in particular really managed to get under his skin. At one point, he even insinuated that Chad was taking steroids and remarked on what that could do to his, um, manhood, which led to Chad ripping Evan's V-neck. (Chad called into Andy Cohen's SiriusXM radio show, Radio Andy, back in June and denied the allegations of steroid use.)

So yeah, the thought of them living in close quarters yet again seems like a terrible idea... and yet, it's possible these two have managed to bury the hatchet, so to speak.

The Bachelor in Paradise promos don't really show much interaction between Chad and Evan, which either means they're saving that kind of thing for when the show actually debuts or there isn't enough animosity there that's worth highlighting. Odds are, if they were the center of a big controversy, ABC would be focusing on that fact in order to garner audience interest, but since they haven't done that, it might be safe to assume that they aren't as on the outs with each other as before. Perhaps they've even become allies. (Hey, you never know!)

In the Men Tell All promo, Chad still seems to be the center of attention. And while he continues to elicit hostile emotions from some of the guys, Evan doesn't appear to be one of them. (Or, at least, not one of the main ones.) Granted, there's only so much that a teaser can show, so maybe these two will still make a few jabs at each other. But on the whole, it feels like the contempt they had or each other has decreased significantly. There haven't been any recent Twitter feuds between the two of them either, and considering Chad's no-holds-barred personality, I feel like if they were still fighting, we'd know about it.

Either way, though, it'll be interesting to see what the dynamics will be like between JoJo's former men now that they aren't all competing for her heart. It's time for the Chad Bear to be reawakened.

Image: Byron Cohen/ABC