How To Set Up A PokeStop In "Pokemon Go"

by Mary Grace Garis

I feel more-than-ever grateful that I live in a big, PokéStop populated city in the era of "Pokemon Go." Having visiting my parents in the suburbs a handful of times, I know that not everyone is so fortunate. Maybe you're in that situation and there's no PokéStops in the area, or at least as far as the eye can see. Can you set up a PokéStop in "Pokemon Go" if there's none around you? Well, although user input might prove to be more or less important to the game, you may have to wait a while before you can manifest your own PokéStops.

So, this is the deal: there's a Niantic submission form that will allow you to make certain requests i.e. requesting to get rid of your "Pokemon Go" account (never) or to report an issue with a Gym (why the hell can't I defeat that stupid Golduck?). Initially, there was an option to request PokéStops: using that form, you would fill in the name of the PokéStop, coordinates, address, corresponding image, and reason behind the request. Which is fair. Although you may think the motel where you lost your virginity is significant, not every local would agree.

In any case, the problem is that Niantic, undoubtedly overloaded with requests, is not currently taking PokéStop submissions. In fact if you inquire about requesting a PokéStop the site tells you, "If you are having trouble finding PokéStops or Gyms near you, please try visiting a local park or other interesting or historical locations in your community." Rude.

OK, while this suggestion seems in line with "Pokemon Go"s initiative to get people to explore the world around them, it also might seem a little sassy if you're stuck living in East Bumblef*ck, Iowa and there really is nothing out there for miles and miles. The upswing is that maybe, just maybe Niantic is in the process of going through these submissions and getting them added to the game. That's a pretty big maybe, though, and, while it's easy to clock in the those kms during the summer time, what's going to happen when the cold weather comes around?

Listen, I have sympathy for the plight of others, and we'll definitely keep an eye on the situation. In the meantime, though, the PokéStop section of the Niantic submissions page will allow you to request a PokéStop or Gym to be taken down. That may come in handy if the only PokéStop in your godless suburban neighborhood is the cemetery where Pop-Pop was buried. In which case, you probably live in in RL Lavender Town. And I just would take that as a small win for now.

Images: 4Kids Entertainment; "Pokemon Go"