How To Dress Like A 'Stranger Things' Character

Real talk: Stranger Things is everything a girl could ask for in a TV show. Winona Ryder. Supernatural creatures that make your skin crawl. Dark synthpop. It's got suspense, horror, and romance in one. But most importantly, there's a killer '80s wardrobe. Luckily, dressing like your favorite Stranger Things character is easy — even in 2016.

Netflix coins Stranger Things as a "love letter to '80s classics," and I call it a source of ultimate style inspiration. Let's talk the sartorial side of the show. Imagine this: the year is 1983. It's an era of mixtapes, landlines, children actually playing outside, and you guessed it, early '80s fashion galore. There's a good deal of striped polos, plaid skirts, turtlenecks. You can't forget the muted color palette either — every episode had characters decked out in mustards, browns, and oranges.

The show's female characters — Nancy Wheeler, Barbara (also internet's newest Girl Crush), Joyce Byers, and Eleven — are not just key players in the plot, but they rock an impressive array of throwback outfits. I don't know about you, but I'm ready for the whole '90s comeback to be dethroned by its predecessor.

While we anxiously scarf down Eggo waffles and wait for updates on a season two, take a moment to recall the best fashion moments on Stranger Things and see how you too can channel the '80s vibe in modern 2016.

1. Barbara's Checked Blouse

The first time we're introduced to Barbara in the hallways of Hawkins High School, she is dressed in full-on '80s mode.

I mean, everything's there — the teased hair, round glasses, ruffled plaid blouse, and serious mom jeans. It's a simple combo you can mimic even today, but with a contemporary twist.

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Swap the traditional button-down for a smock style instead. You can still nail the high neckline à la Barb, but instead of blatant ruffles, there's elastic trims — a more subtle take on the ruffled look.

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Complete your ensemble with — of course — a pair of trusty mom jeans. A bleached, distressed variety is the perfect balance between old and new. Barbara would approve.

2. Barbara & Nancy's Blouses

Episode two shows Nancy and Barb in dainty blouses. Emphasis on the details though — Barb's pink rendition yet again has a ruffled collar, while Nancy opts for a dreamy lilac number with a slight v-neck cut. Both have bowtie accents, which I can't get enough of.

Innocent and feminine, with an edge.

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Instead of bulky knits, go for a younger look with a lightweight woven fabric. Bonus points for the bow detailing and lace neckline — it's vintage without being too archaic.

3. Nancy's Shearling Jacket

Nancy Wheeler has just reinstated my love for shearling jackets — in fact, why not just wear one on your next monster hunt?

I particularly dig the crimson red hue — it's a more striking alternative to your classic taupe color.

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These days, it's all about denim duty. For an updated angle on the shearling jacket, opt for something in denim — it's incredibly versatile and can be worn either fall or winter.

4. Eleven's Makeover

When Mike and the boys give Eleven an ANTM-worthy makeover, they put her in the following adorable ensemble.

Good-bye, hospital gown, hello Nancy's hand-me-downs! Eleven's new real-world self includes a pink frock with a Peter Pan collar — sweet right?

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If Peter Pan collars are typically a tad too childish for you, the solution is easy. Instead of rocking accents like lace or floral, aim for a style that is streamlined and understated. Think solid colors — crisp white is always a safe choice.

5. Joyce's Jacket

I am ecstatic to have the great Winona Ryder grace my screen again. This time around, she's tackling the role of Joyce Byers, hardworking single mother with a penchant for Christmas lights. Though Joyce's life is anything but the American suburban fairytale, she stops at nothing to find her beloved son Will.

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Rough at the edges is how I would describe Joyce's style — take her army green jacket for example. I guess you could say Lindsay Weir from Freaks and Geeks and Joyce Byers are style twins to an extent — I mean, both shows are set in the '80s and both brunettes own similar utilitarian jackets.

Images: Netflix (10), Courtesy Brands