'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' Four-Minute Clip Shows Off Black Widow

We've been watching Captain America: The Winter Soldier promos for awhile now so we know Captain America is going to be intense. But get excited because Fandango has released a four-minute clip of the film that proves this point even further. The movie is no one-trick pony as this scene seamlessly glides from snarky jokes to skillful combat to ambitious special effects.

In the clip Chris Evans' Captain America jumps from a plane (without a parachute because he's too cool for that), to land on an enemy ship and take it over. Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow joins him and together they prove just how badass they are. Black Widow is particularly awesome in this bit as she multitasks finding a date for Captain America and taking down a bunch of bad guys. Their witty banter keeps the tone of the scene light, while their great camaraderie and expert combat makes for an epic team.

We're glad the film has allowed for a few laughs amongst the action-packed crime fighting scenes, and we're doubly glad that Black Widow is takes down some enemies all by her awesome, badass self. Girl power! Check out the clip below while you wait around for the movie's official April 4 release.

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Image: Marvel