Vinny's Mom Was MVP Of 'Men Tell All'

I bet that JoJo thought she was done meeting the mothers of her maybe-husbands, but axed contestant Vinny happened to have a very special date for Men Tell All ­— his mom, of course! He’s a self-proclaimed mama’s boy, so why wouldn’t he take mom to tag along? Chris Harrison invited her to speak to JoJo and the other men, and Vinny’s mom was the best part of the Men Tell All special. Can we get more entertaining moms on these shows, Chris Harrison?

Chris invited any of the other men to talk to JoJo while she was up on stage, and Vinny gave her a “What’s up,” and they talked about how she shaved his beard on a date and how it grew in wonderfully, which kind of lost my attention. Vinny and JoJo didn’t even spend that much time together on the show, so I have no vested interest here. What I do have interest in, however, is Vinny’s mom’s advice for JoJo — basically saying that she made a mistake in not picking her son, since he’s an absolute delight that would treat her right. I mean, she may be biased but Mom has a point here. Vinny always seemed like a nice guy, and there’s certainly no drama with ex-girlfriends or professional athleticism here. He’s a nice barber from Florida!

I, for one, vote to have more entertaining family members on shows like Men Tell All. I mean, Men Tell All is basically just rehashing everything that happened in a season, and I got a little bored by the end. Vinny’s mom, though, left me feeling invigorated and happy to hear someone talk about a date in which someone got his beard shaved. That’s monumental, OK? In fact, Vinny — is your mom single? If she is, I think she should be the next Bachelorette. If she’s not, can she serve as the wise mentor on the show? At least think about it, please.

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC