How To Channel Destiny's Child In Your Wardrobe

The last thing you would probably think of doing to your 2016 wardrobe is infusing it with some of Kelly, Michelle, and Beyoncé's steeze, but that's just what I'm going to recommend that you do today: Channel Destiny's Child in your style. I'll be the first to admit that the trends from the early 2000s resulted in some dark, dark times. A new millennium had approached and we as a species were seemingly lost as to how to handle it. That confusion came out in our wardrobes.

Things like velour tracksuits and baby pink polos took over our closets, pushing many of us to wear looks like bellybutton-baring peasant tops and shredded asymmetrical skirts without a hint of irony or chagrin. So why, oh why, would you want to bring that sartorial era back into your wardrobe, much less in the form of a synchronized-outfit-wearing girl band?

Because Destiny's Child is fabulous, that's why. With their explosions of sequins, their bold use of textures, their playfulness in color combinations, and their celebration of the female body and all its curves, channeling the members of Destiny's Child in your wardrobe can be an ace of an idea — and below are 11 ideas on just how to do it.

1. Sequined Mini Dress

Sequin V-Neck Sheath Dress, $149, Nordstrom

Wine Red Long Sleeve Sequined Backless Dress, $11, Make Me Chic

Kelly, Beyoncé, and Michelle were all about that razzle dazzle — the ladies really knew how to light up a stage with bedazzled minis and spangled rompers. So pay homage to Mama Knowles' costume designs by bringing a little sparkle to your own closet.

Channel Beyoncé's long-sleeved mini dresses and get your own modern-day version for your wardrobe. While it might be hard to find one in bright blue sequins, there are plenty of silver and bronze options to choose from.

2. Lace-Up Denim Dress

Lace-Up Denim Dress, $100, Eloquii

Shalay Lace-Up Denim Bodycon Dress, $44, Macy's

Our favorite girl crew was no stranger to denim, sporting everything from street-style to shredded versions of the Canadian tuxedo. While things might get a little dicey when it comes to hunting down leather and denim bralettes at your fast fashion faves, it might be easier to channel Yonce's lace-up denim dress. You can probably feel the early naughties vibes leaping off of these pieces.

3. Add Some Camo

Camo Print Baseball Cap, $19.50, ASOS

What's more Destiny's Child than rocking some camo? If you don't think a military mini skirt paired with a tube top is proper weekday apparel, then bring a little "Soldier" into your life with a chic camo cap.

4. Statement-Making Burgundy

Mirror Embellished Column Midi Dress, $154, ASOS

Sheridan Faux Leather Dress, $248, BCBG

From wine-colored leather dresses to rhinestone-lit low-rise pants, Destiny's Child knew how to pull off the maroon shade. And if you add a little burgundy into your own wardrobe (in a splashy way), you'll hopefully feel just like another member of the girl group.

5. Add Some Y2K Shimmer

Velvet Baseball Cap, $16.50, ASOS

Silver always made a big splash on stage, so channel your own diva with a metallic-dipped cap. That way you won't feel like a disco ball during the work week, but you'll still be honoring those early 2000s, Y2K fashion years.

6. Embroidered Denim

Young Bohemians Denim Shorts with Floral Patches, $47, ASOS

Alice & You Denim Shorts With Floral Embroidery, $49, ASOS

All you need is a red bandana to sweep back your hair, a pair of dinner plate-sized hoops, and a rhinestone thong to peek out from the tops of your jeans, and you'll be MTV beach party ready with Knowles and crew.

7. Bucket Hats

Camo Bucket Hat, $19.50, ASOS

There's nothing more "early stages of Destiny's Child" than a bucket hat. Well, maybe a cowboy hat, but this might be a tad more inconspicuous if you live outside of Texas.

8. Mixed Stripe Patterns

Mixed Striped T-Shirt Midi Dress, $35, Cato

Top With Off Shoulder In Shirred Festival Stripe, $26, ASOS

Looking at dizzying shades of purple, orange, and pink makes me instantly think of those early naughties music videos, where everything was awash in pleather, sequins, racer stripes, and bubblegum pinks and deep purples. The ladies' matching costumes oftentimes sported the retro stripe print, too.

9. Fedoras

Straw Fedora Hat, $25, ASOS

From music videos to band pictures, the gang was constantly wearing fedoras. Bring back the fierce look with a wide-brimmed hat of your own.

10. Pink Sequin Backpack

Exclusive All Over Sequin Backpack, $49, ASOS

Is it a pink backpack or an upcycled Kelly Rowland skirt? You decide.

11. Denim Jumpsuits

Denim Overalls, $100, Eloquii

Sleeveless High Waist Denim Jumpsuit, $26, Maykool

Bonus points if you happen to find a '90s tube top to put underneath this, but even on its own, a denim jumpsuit has Destiny's Child written all over it.

See: It's not so hard to fit a little more Beyoncé into your life.

Images: Courtesy Brands