Why 'Walking Dead' Fans Should Worry About Glenn

At any point during a season of The Walking Dead, fans should be worried about every single character — with the exception of Rick, because the main character doesn't usually get killed off. While the writers have shown that everyone else is fair game, the comic series the show is based on reveals which characters are especially at risk. Though there have already been substantial differences between the TV and comic series, The Walking Dead comics spell trouble for Glenn. Obviously, spoilers for The Walking Dead comics ahead.

It's hard to figure out what parts of the comics fans should put stock in. Some storylines are nearly identical on the AMC series, while others are completely ignored or changed. However, where the rest of this season goes could provide a clue as to whether Glenn's TV fate will match the comics.

Currently on the show, Glenn and Maggie are apart, having been separated when the Governor attacked the prison. Though the assault occurred, the pair was never split up in the comics and instead spent some time at Maggie's farm before rejoining the rest of the survivors. Since they are already together, Glenn then agrees to accompany the newly-introduced Abraham, Eugene and Rosita as they travel to Washington.

Once Maggie and Glenn are reunited on the TV show, wherever they travel to next should provide some clues as to Glenn's future. While a trek to Washington is not cause for concern alone, once the group stops at the Alexandria Safe-Zone, trouble brews. There they encounter a volatile group called The Saviors, who have numerous clashes with Rick's group. Currently the show's characters are heading towards a supposed sanctuary called Terminus, which could end up being the Safe-Zone or a few other locations from the comics.

The comics' Glenn and Maggie spend some time in Alexandria, before Glenn discovers the nearby Hilltop Colony on his way back from a supply run. When he and Maggie reunite in Alexandria, Maggie reveals that she is pregnant, and since they are in an apparently stable location, the couple is excited to have a baby together. In a recent episode of The Walking Dead, Maggie mistakenly thought she was pregnant and tells Glenn that she wouldn't be upset if she were, possibly foreshadowing an upcoming pregnancy.

But before you start thinking the Safe-Zone and Maggie's pregnancy would be good signs for Glenn, let me finish. Glenn decides that the Hilltop would be a safer place to raise their baby and he and Maggie begin to travel there with other members of Rick's group. Along the way, they are captured by The Saviors, in retribution for some past events (there are a lot of comics).

The leader of The Saviors, Negan, decides to kill one member of their group in front of the others, and I think you know where this is going. In the comic series' big 100th issue, Negan beats Glenn to death with his signature weapon, a baseball wrapped in barbed wire. The traumatized Maggie then carries on to the Hilltop, where she plans to raise her baby by Glenn.

Will this happen to Glenn on The Walking Dead show? It's definitely possible. It all depends on where exactly the show literally goes, and when. If Terminus is Alexandria and The Saviors are there, Glenn fans should start emotionally preparing. The same goes for if Maggie becomes pregnant or the Hilltop Colony is found.

There's always the chance that The Walking Dead show writers could kill Glenn in a completely different way or let him live, just to throw us all off. But for anyone who just can't stand anymore suspense, I'd keep an eye out for these warning signs. Glenn might not make it through much of next season.

Images: AMC