This Could Be 'Girl Meets World's Best Guest Yet

by Kaitlin Reilly

Girl Meets World certainly has merits that are all its own, but when it comes to honoring the series that came before it, no show does so better than Boy Meets World's successor. Whether it's finally giving Shawn, who ended up sans-girlfriend in the Boy Meets World finale, a serious love interest, or clearing up questions like what really happened to Mr. Turner (he didn't die, he just went into administration!) Girl Meets World has done right by many of the actors and characters that we loved on the original series. However, there's one person we haven't yet seen on Boy Meets World, and that's Cory's sister, Morgan, who was played by two actresses during the show's run. Good news, fans: both actresses who played Morgan will head to Girl Meets World for the Season 3 finale, and even though we have no idea how that's going to work, I'm very excited to find out.

If you don't recall, Morgan was originally played by actress Lily Nicksay during her younger years — aka, Season 1 and Season 2. Later, she was replaced by Lindsay Ridgeway in Season 3, and Morgan explained her long absence from the show as having to do with "the longest time-out ever." Though Morgan is mentioned on Girl Meets World, so far we haven't actually met the Matthews' only daughter — and it's been unclear if we ever would until now. According to TVLine, who reported from the official Twitter account for the Girl Meets World writers, both Morgans will return to the series for a big show reunion episode.

Both Morgans?!? In one place?!? My mind is officially blown.

The Season 3 finale will feature the return of many beloved characters, including Mr. Feeny, Minkus, and even notorious bad boy Harley, so it would make sense for Morgan to show up as well. Given that the show jumped ahead a few years with little explanation between Season 2 and Season 3, it would probably make more sense for Ridgeway, who is 31, to portray the character, instead of the younger Nicksay, who is 28. Still, the actresses are pretty close in age, so there's no real way to tell how old they are these days — the role of Morgan could really go to either actress. (Maybe the other actress can play Morgan's roommate who is pulling a Single White Female? Just saying.) They could also pull an on-the-nose switcharoo mid-episode as a callback to the fact Nicksay was recast.

There's also the chance that Girl Meets World will subvert our expectations and do something totally different with the role, like make the former Morgans brand-new characters with no relation to the Matthews family. No matter what role these actresses play, it's great to have them back in this world.

Image: Touchstone Television; Giphy