Shailene Bravely Talks About Her Sexuality

by Kaitlin Reilly

Shailene Woodley might become the next Jennifer Lawrence-type action heroine, but she's definitely not interested in being put into a box. That's fine with me, considering that Woodley is fascinating both on-screen and off. On the heels of her major action role as Tris in the sci-fi film trilogy Divergent, Woodley talked to The Hollywood Reporter all about her acting career choices — and even shed a little bit of light on her personal life. One quote we're really interested in is Shailene's discussion of her bisexuality. When asked if she would ever fall in love with her best friends, she laughed it off, but added:

I fall in love with human beings based on who they are, not based on what they do or what sex they are.

A lot of people are probably surprised to hear Woodley, an actress on the verge of major stardom, so openly discuss her sexuality, but good for her. The more open we are, the better.

Ellen Page came out as a lesbian weeks ago, stating that she was afraid of not living up to certain industry standards and Bustle writer, Maria Southard Ospina, discussed the lack of bisexuals in the entertainment industry earlier this month.

Woodley isn't the only actor in Hollywood to open up about their sexuality. Actress Anna Paquin came out publicly as bisexual for a LGBT PSA. Amber Heard openly discusses her relationships with men and women. The difference for Woodley is that she is very much on the cusp of a major career breakout. It's brave for an actress at the very beginning of a major teen franchise to talk openly about things that not everyone is comfortable discussing. Will everyone applaud her for her statements? Definitely not, but she's setting a great precedent for others in Hollywood to follow suit.

I'm excited to see Woodley's career really take off, and I'm glad that we have a starlet willing to talk about her personal life with such refreshing honesty.