Will The 'GG' Trailer Scene Be In The Revival?

If I had my way, I would spend my life coming up with Gilmore Girls revival theories that would make fans happy. So keep this in mind as I lay out the not so exciting Gilmore Girls revival theory that I’ve come up with since the release of the trailer. I know, I know. The trailer just came out. How can any kind of bad news follow that? Well, after watching the thing about 27 times, I started to wonder something that made me feel a little curious about what I was watching. I started to wonder: Will the scene in the Gilmore Girls revival trailer even be in the series?

Now, hear me out. I know we were all excited to see the first clip from the Gilmore Girls revival in this trailer. Not only was it a trailer with a premiere date, but it was also a trailer with a relatively long scene that gave fans such a great sense of how the Gilmore Girls are living in 2016. But that’s what started to tip me off to this theory of mine — aka, the theory that this scene will not actually be in the Gilmore Girls revival. I just got the sense that this set-up was a little too… obvious? I mean, there are so many references to 2016 in it, it's clear we're supposed to really understand that the Gilmore girls are now tech-savvy and totally up-to-date on pop culture. A smartphone? John Oliver? Amy Schumer? It all just started to read to me like a clip just meant for a trailer to amp fans up rather than a real scene.

Not to mention, the flow is different. Those Gilmore girls usually riff off of each other at the speed of light. But the more I watched the trailer, the more I noticed how slowly they were talking. There are legit pauses in their conversation, which any fan of the show knows is not something that generally happens when these girls get together.

Plus, there is an entire plate of Pop-Tarts on the table between them. This isn't totally out of the norm, because the Gilmore girls do love their Pop-Tarts, but it is clearly nighttime in Stars Hollow in this trailer. The girls don’t eat Poptarts at night. That’s what Chinese takeout and pizza are for.

The more I thought about it, the more it started to make sense that this clip was made solely for publicity’s sake. Especially when I remembered that Jackson Douglas (aka, Jackson Belleville) opened up to Gilmore News exclusively about filming fake dummy scenes for the revival. What if this scene is one of them? It serves its purpose well, but the more I watch it, the less I think it’s a scene from the actual revival.

Either way, this isn't bad news. If it's not in the revival, just think of it this way: That just means even more minutes of new material when the episodes do premiere.

Image: Netflix (2)