Eva Longoria's Secret Hobby Will Surprise You

Between working, being famous, and all that goes along with those two things, celebrities are pretty busy people with very full schedules. For example, Eva Longoria just designed a collection for The Limited which is a time commitment to say the least — but in case you didn't already know, the collaboration is only one project that Longoria has right now. In addition to being an actress and producer, Longoria is a committed activist and philanthropist, and recently spoke at the Democratic National Convention in support of Hillary Clinton's run for president. This is all to say, of course, that Longoria has a pretty hectic schedule. But that doesn't mean she doesn't have time for a hobby or two.

"What people don't know is I sew. I'm a big sewer. " says Longoria. "...I was obsessed with making dresses. So I'd make them for all my friends, and sometimes I'd make myself one and I'd wear it out, and people would be like 'That's cute, what is that?'... I would never tell them. I'm really familiar with seams and construction and textiles, and I'm obsessed with it."

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This love of sewing makes Longoria's The Limited collection even more personal, and a project that shares an important characteristic with all of Longoria's endeavors — passion. Longoria tells me she spent a year working on her collection with The Limited, and she is committed to the line and it's ability to provide women with clothes that make them feel comfortable and confident. And Longoria isn't one of those celebrities who have a collaborative clothing line that actually sits untouched in the back of their closet. In fact, Longoria wore a piece from the collection for her speech at the DNC in July — one of the biggest national stages of this year.

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"When people do a clothing line, people think you just throw your name on it..." Longoria says. "This is a full-time job [for me], and I'm glad I'm doing it this way." says Longoria.

Longoria, whether in politics, activism, or clothing design, is committed and passionate about what she is doing in life. This is what is going to draw women to her Limited collection, if you ask me. But on a more aesthetic level, the clothes are pretty fantastic as well.

Eva Longoria Lacey Dress, $129.95,

Longoria's collection is perfectly reflective of her style motto of "comfort and confidence," and is full of classic pieces that are perfect for day, night, and everything in between.

"I call this collection from work to wine because you can wear it to work and you can wear it out. I think women want a versatile wardrobe. They want to...not spend a fortune and yet have a lot of options in the closet," says Longoria.

The collection is available as of Aug. 15 in stores and online, and good news — there's a spring and summer collection in the works for 2017.