9 'Mad Men' Season 7 Theories Based on the Super Trippy Artwork

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April can not come any faster. With True Detective Season 1 coming to a close this Sunday and Breaking Bad having ended what feels like years ago, there will be a big sad hole for television's greatest dramas. That is, until Mad Men Season 7 rightfully returns to our screens. Hold on to your (cigarette) butts, everyone, because we are closing in on the final season of the AMC masterpiece.

Season 7 is going to be split in two parts — the first airing April 13 (WHAT AN OMINOUS NUMBER!), 2014 and the second half in 2015. There were puh-lenty of theories circulating around Season 6's art work, with the planes, police, and Don being multiple people going in multiple directions. And a few of those theories (Don leaving/being fired from the agency) actually did come true. Mad Men creators have been notoriously hush-hush about what actually happens in the show, giving viewers vague trailers and teasers, and leaving them only to come up with their own conspiracies.

So, take a look at the brand new Season 7 (YET ANOTHER OMINOUS NUMBER!) poster, consider our theories, and then tweet us (@Bustle) your own theories about how you think it's all going to go down.

Image: Mad Men/AMC

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