'SNL's 'Girls' Parody Gives Lena Dunham A Lot of Material to Work With as Host — VIDEO

We all know Lena Dunham as the quirky, but completely relatable character, Hannah Horvath, on the hit show Girls. However, with Dunham’s upcoming Saturday Night Live debut, we'll get to see another side of the actress, and frankly, we hope there be another Girls parody to answer for the original Girls SNL parody with Tina Fey. We all love Dunham, but with her own boyfriend rejecting some of her jokes (that's cold, Jack) there’s a question as to whether or not she’ll be able to deliver a noteworthy performance.

When comedy queen Fey participated in a sketch as Blerta, the fifth member of Girls, she mocked the show by commenting on the self-absorbed dialogue, and many found it quite amusing. Even Dunham thought it was funny. She recently stated that the parody was “a smart approach.”In an interview on Today, the actress stated:

I was sitting there watching that, and I couldn’t believe these people that I admired were even aware enough of my work to sort of construct this parody, which felt loving. I’ve always been all too aware that there are things to be made fun of in the show, and I thought they took such a smart approach.

While we can assume that Dunham will probably make for a great appearance on the show, after Fey’s unforgettable performance, she has a lot of work to do. We’ve seen Lindsay Lohan poke fun at herself for having to wear a house monitor, Justin Timberlake referenced having sex with Britney Spears, and Miley Cyrus recognized her slightly ridiculous VMA performance. So, will Dunham, who is often known for showing us some sass when others mock her, be able to pull off mocking herself, like those before her?

There’s nothing wrong with being awkward, but I feel like Dunham's SNL appearance could be determine whether or not Dunham is acting awkward in her show, or simply being herself.

Here's Tina's skit:


Good luck, Lena! We'll be watching.