An Exciting 'Rocketeer' Reboot Is In The Works

Here's a piping hot scoop straight from the Magic Kingdom: According to The Hollywood Reporter, Walt Disney Studios plans to release a reboot of 1991 live action flick The Rocketeer, and no, it will not be yet another moving picture about a white dude who saves the day. As THR reports, the jet pack-wearing hero/lead character in The Rocketeer reboot The Rocketeers will be an African-American woman. Pop quiz: Is that news awesome, or is that awesome? Answer: A-W-E-S-O-M-E.

The Rocketeers isn't exactly a reboot, but a sequel-reboot (seqboot? Requel? Squirrel? Eh, I give up!): According to THR, The Rocketeers will take place six years after the original movie (i.e., six years after Billy Campbell’s Rocketeer disappeared while battling Nazis). There will be rocket packs and evil scientists and the Cold War, oh my!

The duo of Max Winkler and Matthew Spicer (Magic Camp) have reportedly been selected to write the script for The Rocketeers. As far as the production team goes, The Jungle Book producer Brigham Taylor will produce The Rocketeers alongside Blake Griffin and Ryan Kalil. Yes, as in that Blake Griffin and that Ryan Kalil. Yes, as in the L.A. Clippers power forward and the Carolina Panthers center. And get this: According to THR, the sequel-reboot was Griffin and Kalil’s idea.

And yep, yep I am so in. The Rocketeers is currently in development and a release date has yet to be announced.

Image: Walt Disney Pictures