A Stunning Shonda Rhimes Video Intro'd Clinton

When you're a political superstar on the level of Hillary Clinton, you can only have the best producers creating short films about your life. That's why the Clinton campaign tapped an insanely popular production duo to create the 12-minute-long "Hillary" documentary that aired ahead of Clinton's nomination acceptance speech. Shonda Rhimes and Betsy Beers directed an amazing short film about Hillary to air at the DNC, proving that the Democrats certainly have star power behind them.

Rhimes and Beers, who produced Grey's Anatomy, Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder under Rhimes's ShondaLand production company, got none other than Morgan Freeman to narrate the short, which features interviews with President Barack Obama, President Bill Clinton, a childhood friend of Clinton's, and a 9/11 first responder and survivor.

Ahead of the premiere of the film at the DNC, Rhimes and Beers said they wanted to show a more personal side of Clinton that most Americans don't get to see. Beers called producing Hillary a "major highlight" of her career, and said she was honored that the Clinton campaign trusted her and Rhimes with the responsibility of creating such an important film.

"Everyone already knows the powerhouse — now, with this piece, everyone will also get to know the person," Rhimes said.

Rhimes and Beers were both in attendance at the DNC, and tweeted out their exploits and musings on the nights leading up to the premiere of their momentous short film. They even adorably retweeted each other and posted pictures together, exemplifying the #girlbossgoals we all dream of.

Earlier this year, Rhimes said what everyone was thinking about the 2016 election: that the crazy plot twists mirrored her show Scandal. She told an audience at a Washington, D.C. event in April that the electoral circus was so similar to some Scandal storylines that they had to rewrite some episodes. Of course, the show featured a former first lady-turned-senator who was running for president that seems to be based on Clinton and a ridiculous but popular business tycoon who is also running for president, so the lines between fiction and reality were already blurry.

As America watches on as the first woman to ever become a major party's nominee accepts her nomination, they'll also be watching a film produced by two other inspirational female powerhouses. It just goes to show that when women make history, we do so in a big way.