Frank & Bridgette Had A Strong 'BB18' Bond

Frank and Bridgette were both on the block this week on Big Brother 18, which means the dangerous duo (also known as Frank and his "Cabbage Patch Kid") is no more. Before they were faced with their separation, Bridgette and Frank were practically inseparable in the Big Brother house. A few weeks in, they quickly became each other's best — and only — allies. But, in a season full of showmances, Frank and Bridgette seemed, well, tame. Unlike Nicole and Corey, Zakiyah and Paulie, or even James and Natalie, Frank and Bridgette didn't spend all their time cuddling or flirting with each other. Now that one of them is leaving the house, we can finally ask, were Frank and Bridgette hooking up on Big Brother ?

Unlike some other pairs from Big Brother's history, it looks like there was absolutely no funny business between Frank and Bridgette. Their cuddling always seemed pretty tame, and Da'Vonne didn't consider them a showmance threat when she talked to James about breaking up Zakiyah and Paulie, and Nicole and Corey. Their relationship seemed more brother-sister than romantic, which makes sense since in a video for CBS from before the season started, Bridgette said she had a boyfriend.

The way Bridgette talked about Frank just showed again that they were nothing more than friends. "You've been my best friend in the house. He's been my ride or die," Bridgette said when she pleaded for her place in the house this week. As for Frank, he had some equally sweet things to say about Bridgette, telling her, "You're amazing, just the way you are."

So, it looks like Frank and Bridgette became very close friends this summer and nothing more. Unfortunately for Frank, having Bridgette as a friend and ally wasn't enough to keep him in the house.

Images: CBS; Giphy