Is Orlando Bloom At The Democratic National Convention? Katy Perry's Rumored Boyfriend Was Spotted Backstage

On Thursday, Katy Perry performed on stage at the Democratic National Convention (DNC) in support of nominee Hillary Clinton. While she sang her new hit song "Rise" — which happened to become a theme of the entire week-long event — a certain someone from Perry's off-stage life supported her backstage. Orlando Bloom showed up at the DNC along with Perry, on an important night for the singer and the candidate she supports.

Bloom was spotted backstage walking hand-in-hand with Perry shortly before her primetime performance. Perry took the stage to get the crowd on its feet and "roar"-ing before the candidate herself officially accepted her party's nomination. It was a familiar role for Perry, who has performed for Clinton many times throughout the campaign. "I have been on the road with her since Iowa," Perry said, mentioning the several patriotic Hillary-themed outfits she has donned along the way.

For his part, Bloom seemed to stick with a more traditional outfit than a Hillary-themed dress. Bloom has appeared at Clinton events before with Perry, but Thursday's event was perhaps the biggest political event he's ever been spotted at. His and Perry's appearance at the DNC added to the celebrity guest list that filled the halls of the DNC this week in Philadelphia.

While Perry performed both "Rise" and "Roar," Bloom stood in the crowd. At one point, he appeared to be taking photos or videos of his girlfriend's performance. Cue the swoons.

Perry has been one of the most vocal — pun intended — supporters of Clinton throughout her campaign. She performed at a campaign rally in Iowa early on in the primaries wearing a white dress with an American flag-like cape. Around that same time, she took over Clinton's Instagram account for a day, showing fans her perspective from the sidelines of the campaign. Perry's songs have become Clinton's anthems: "Rise" has become representative of what Democratic voters expect Clinton to do in November, and "Firework" played while balloons cascaded over Clinton on Thursday as she officially became her party's nominee.

You'll probably hear plenty more about Clinton from Perry as the presidential race transitions to a general election. Perhaps she'll perform again on a blue stage before the candidate herself steps into the spotlight to speak. If so, you may also see some new Hillary-themed dresses and a doting boyfriend named Bloom nearby.