Frank Is Only Missed By 1 'Big Brother' Houseguest

In one of the least surprising live episodes ever, Frank was evicted from Big Brother 18 . After weeks of running the house, alienating allies, and picking fights with Da'Vonne, Frank was finally evicted by a unanimous vote, and his time on Big Brother is now officially over. On the block with Bridgette, Frank tried to sway Michelle into using her Power of Veto on him, but, alas, with the entire house teamed up against him, he didn't stand a chance. In the end, Michelle caved to the pressure of the house, chose not to use her POV, and even helped send him packing by voting him out instead of Bridgette. Just like that, Frank is gone from Big Brother, and now a new target will emerge.

Frank played hard this season and he was hopeful that the final Secret Room twist would get him an opportunity to get back into the game. Before his eviction, the houseguests found the Secret Room, which housed 12 envelopes, one for each houseguest. Each houseguest was to pick an envelope at random, and keep it sealed tight until their eviction. In the event of their eviction, Julie Chen would open the envelope to reveal a ticket. While 11 envelopes have one-way Tickets in them that won't change anything, one has a special two-way Ticket, which will allow an evicted houseguest a path straight back into the house.

After the vote predictably sent Frank packing, he opened up his envelope with Julie to find that he had — *drumroll please* — a one-way ticket home. With the end of the Battle Back competition, Frank has no way back into the Big Brother house, which means his time on BB18 is officially over.

It's unclear who will take Frank's place as the most hated person in the house, but my guess is it's either going to be one of the other guys, Da'Vonne, or Bridgette. As someone who has no allies left in the house, Bridgette is isolated and alone, which means she'd be easy to pick off come the next eviction. It may all come down to who wins this week's Head of Household competition.

Image: Sonja Flemming/CBS