11 Weirdly Amazing Velvet Things From The '90s

by Rosie Narasaki

Ah, the '90s: The glorious heyday of all things velvet. It was a major trend back in the day — when you think about it, there were tons of weirdly amazing things made out of velvet in the '90s. Nowadays, we associate it mainly with goths and grunge, but it was actually a pretty big staple in all walks of life — everyone from Cher Horowitz, to The Spice Girls, to Blossom was in on the trend.

It makes sense — after all, velvet adds a touch of glamour to just about anything, and it also happens to be pretty darn comfy and soft (especially if you went with the stretch velour that was oh-so-popular circa '95). Plus, it popped up in many different forms, from slinky slip dresses, to cheetah-printed boots, to floppy hats (I'm looking at you, Blossom).

Think of the '90s as a something of a velvet utopia, where the fabric thrived all over the trends of the day — luckily for us, it's a look that's definitely coming around the mountain (just ask Karlie Kloss). So, with that in mind, let's take a look at 11 truly awesome velvet clothes and accessories from the days of yore.

1. Crushed Velvet Mary Janes

Crushed Velvet Mary Janes, $66, Etsy

The perfect accoutrement for any babydoll dress.

2. Burgundy Velvet Slip Dress

Burgundy Slip Dress, $89, Etsy

Basically Rihanna-approved.

3. Black Velvet Purse

Black Velvet Purse, $17, Etsy

Can you think of a cuter way to hold all your frosted lipsticks?

4. Floral Velvet Mini Skirt

Floral Velvet Mini Skirt, $38, Etsy

This is pure, jewel-toned gorgeousness.

5. Brown Velvet Boots

Brown Velvet Boots, $28, Etsy

You can basically join the Sailor Scouts with these kick-ass high-heeled boots.

6. Velvet Butterfly Print Sleeveless Top

Velvet Butterfly Print Sleeveless Top, $20, Etsy

Wear this with your glittery butterfly hair clips, and you're good to go.

7. Floral Velvet Jacket

Floral Velvet Jacket, $39, Etsy

Makes you flash right back to '97, right?

8. Burgundy Velvet Hat

Burgundy Velvet Hat, $15, Etsy

Well, I'll be darned if that isn't the most '90s hat I've ever seen.

9. Feather Trimmed Velvet Mini Dress

Feather Trimmed Velvet Mini Dress, $58, Etsy

Like if Cher Horowitz ever went slightly goth.

10. Black Velvet Mini Skirt

Black Velvet Mini Skirt, $15, Etsy

It comes with an iridescent belt with a daisy attached! If that's not incentive enough to purchase it right here on the spot, I don't know what is.

11. Velvet Leopard Platform Boots

Velvet Leopard Platform Boots, $51, Etsy

Live your dream of becoming a Spice Girl with these unbeatable boots.

Whose ready for a velvet-themed shopping spree? I know I am!