Katie Holmes Is Returning to TV: 7 Comeback Lessons She Should Learn from Joey Potter

Unless you hear the name Tom Cruise, the word Scientology or “crazy,” Katie Holmes’ name isn't one that comes up all that often, but that's about to change, as the Dawson’s Creek actress has finally emerged from her private life. The Hollywood Reporter claims that Katie Holmes will play the role of Ann on ABC’s new untitled drama created by Richard LaGravenese.

Holmes will be playing an Audrey Hepburn-esque character who co-runs a philanthropic foundation, which helps bring clean water to African villages. Working alongside her husband who is constantly eager to move from place to place, Ann struggles with the issue of finding the right moment to start a family. Two other characters, Margot and Philip (played by Rufus Sewell) who are known for their manipulation of others, will make an attempt to ruin Ann’s marriage with her husband. Cue Holmes playing yet another cutesy character who becomes the victim to everyone else’s stupid love games.

It's been a while since we've seen Holmes, and the actress needs to wow everyone since, if the show ends up being a success, this will be the first time since Dawson’s Creek that she has appeared with a regular role in a scripted series. So, in honor of Holmes and her return from the dead, here are lessons she can learn from Joey Potter when it comes to ensuring a successful comeback.

If you fail, don’t be afraid to try again

I’m going to be blunt here and say that Holmes hasn’t exactly been recognized for any Oscar worthy performances in most of her work, but that shouldn’t stop her from pursuing her career. No matter if her new show is a hit or a flop, I hope that the actress doesn’t get discouraged and disappear again.

Don’t let a man control you and mess with your emotions

This goes out to both Holmes as herself, and Holmes as Ann. We all know that Holmes' marriage was wacky and from the sound of things, her character Ann has some trouble in her romantic life, as well. Both Holmes and Ann should take the Potter approach to love: speak the truth and don't hold back.

But if a new man does come around…

Now that Holmes is coming out of the shadows and re-embracing her talent, there are bound to be a few potential love interests. Joey wouldn't let her guard down too much, but she also wouldn't allow herself to miss out on a young Pacey Witter. Holmes should follow suit: be skeptical, but ultimately open.

Put the critics to shame

If someone tells Holmes that her acting career can't be resurrected, she should turn around and explain to them, Potter-style, that they're in the wrong.

Go to Paris this time

After Joey turned down a yearlong trip to Paris so she could stay in Capeside with Dawson, we were like, “Ooo girl he trouble,” but she did it anyway, because… the script made her and stuff. However, if this new ABC drama job doesn’t turned out as planned or if she receives an even better opportunity, then Holmes should take it because life is short and yada yada yada.

Life isn’t always easy, but you’ll make it through

Holmes might have a tough time fighting her way back into the Hollywood spotlight once again, but Joey’s life was worse. Her mom died of breast cancer when she was only 13 and her father was in prison for conspiring to traffic marijuana. Yet after all the years of pain and heartbreak, Joey kicked ass. If Joey can do it, Katie can do it.

Last but not least, smile.

You're on TV!